OSSC Roll-Call / Newest Board Has Integrated Audio Output

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Hello, I've been running my OSSC for a while now.

I got a pre-built kit and set it up a while back and never got back here to see who else has one and how they like it. For me, it's great because my TV won't properly scale 16:9 and keep the proper aspect ratio without putting up black bars. At this point, I now have an older board, so I run the audio out of my Madness VGA box and into my TV. the newest ones appear to have audio out built on to the board. I also had to change at least one setting to solve a flickering issue, and I upgraded the firmware for some reason or another. It scales really nicely, you do lose a little resolution due to everything getting enlarged slightly, but naturally that is going to happen. I set up my Logitech Harmony to work with it. That is a little clunky, but easier than the on-board buttons.
I really have no complaints with this thing. I guess the biggest trade-off is that it is no longer an analog signal going into the TV, but the OSSC seems to do a good job of converting, so it does not introduce any issues there that I have been able to detect. It's also nice that it utilizes that DVR codec for accurately scaling the picture to fit my screen entirely.

Now at this point, the only weak link in my set-up might be my VGA box (or my TV), because I can see vertical red hazy "lines" sometimes, usually when playing Test Drive Le Mans during the dark periods. But these are not coming from the OSSC. Actually, I could get them to be less noticeable using the OSSC color adjustments, but that led to a washed out picture with odd tint overall. So I suspect either the VGA box or the TV, because I don't see them on my spare old computer monitor when going VGA direct to VGA monitor, but do see them when going VGA box direct to VGA TV. So perhaps either the monitor is handling something that the TV cannot in terms of noise coming out of the VGA box, or perhaps the TV is causing it somehow. But I digress.

Who else is rocking an OSSC and what do you think of it?
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