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    6.37 homebrew downgrade

    So I've recently been interested in psp homebrew, but i have ofw 6.37. The two methods I've tried to downgrade are using psp tools and Hellcats recovery flasher both unsuccessfully running in hbl. When I launch psp tools from hbl it just stays at a black screen. Does anybody know how to get this...
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    Help 6.37

    I updated my psp to 6.37 is there are any hacks ? and the way to do it Plz PS: Im a NOOB
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    psp go 6.37

    just bought a memory card to help hack this thing is it possible and if s what do i need thank you
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    6.37 CFW on PSP-1000?

    Is there a way to get 6.37 or spoof it on the 1000? I have 5.00 M33-6 on my PSP-1000 currently, with the 6.xx spoofer, but games I recently bought are demanding 6.37. Been hunting through the forums but I haven't seen anything definitive yet.
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    i want to play iso game in psp ofw version 6.37 slim 2000

    i want to play iso game. in the first times my psp can play iso game like god of war. after i update psp version in network psp (wireless) then rebort psp system/ so i cannot see game. why?
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    CFW 5.00 PSP 1000 How do you play games that need the 6.37 update?

    I recently bought a pandora battery and a magic memory stick from pandora sales and was able to put CFW on it...I recently bought the new Final Fantasy Dissidia game and its telling me I only have 5.00 and I need a version of 6.37 or later to even start it....what do I do here? Do I accept it...
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    determining my PSP Hackability after 6.37

    hello every one ...i am new here and new to the psp world too...and i wanted to ask about something after my psp got updated by accident to 6.37 i want to know if my psp is hackable ....so here some notes and u tell me if it Hackable or not i have bought a used psp 2004 piano black ....(Slim...
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    Is Hen 6.37 in development? Or not?

    My friend accidentally updated my 6.35 hen psp to ofw 6.37 so now hen doesn't work anymore and I was wondering if a hen for ofw 6.37 is in development and if it is in development if there is any updates on the development and if we have an idea of when it will come out, or is it not coming out...
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    6.37 ME Latest downgrade

    How to? And since I have 6.37 ME, I obviously have a slim :blush:
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    PSP 2000 hackable OFW 6.37 how to hack?

    Hey guys as the title says I have a hackable PSP 2000 but it does have the latest official firmware, if you guys could link me to a thread or forum or tell me the easiest way to hack it? I've heard about chickenhen but that works for 6.35 not 6.37 ive heard. I wish I could use that because I...
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    Psp hacking to play 6.37 games?

    I got a psp 3000 with official firmware 6.20. i use 6.20 tn, however i picked up a new game at the store, and it requires 6.37 firmware, and i dont wanna lose my iso loader...anyway around this?
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    PSP Slim 3001 OFW 6.37 HELP!!!!!

    Ok, I have a Psp 3001 slim wit 6.37 OFW and i want to hack it....me and my friend hacked his 2000 and i want to hack mine....is there anything i can do so that i can install custom firmware onto it???? Please help thx
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    PSP 3001 ofw 6.37

    Well I thought I'd start this out with the dilemma of my son's psp model 3001, now updated to 6.37. A total bummer when it comes to exploits or hacks. I read somewhere that a downgrade would be out 1/31, but we'll see about that
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    6.37 ME question about newer games

    i cant seem to get all the latest square game to work on this firmware anyone havr any ideas how to play them on this firmware ;)
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    Psp3001 6.37, help me!

    Basically I bought a new psp because my old psp1000 was Stolen a few months back, what I have now is a psp3001 OFW 6.37. From reading and browsing several pages on here, what I have is bad for what I want to do :(. All I really want to do is get a snes emu set up to play snes roms. I read I...
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    Is there a remotejoy for psp slim 6.37?

    Hey, I have a psp slim (3000) 6.37. Is there a remotejoy for that? Ore somthing else to record your psp gameplay. If yes give me link to download and how to instal Grtz
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    i updated 6.37 at 3004 is any solution to play games

    i updated 6.37 at 3004 is any solution to play games ? Any format of games but not umd's because it's very costly :-( i don't know much more about psp know only little bit about hack but i just read here that it 's not possible to hack 30o4 :( so what's the solution please help i'm much worried...
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    CFW 6.37 MEv8 Question...

    Can I use the old homebrew and emulators (like gpsp, picodrive, snes9x, litemp3, etc.) on 6.37 ME v8? I have a PSP 2000 Star Wars Battlefront edition (2000 that is not t-88v3), so I know it is compatible with 6.37 ME... I feel like it would be beneficial to update to the newer CFW (would...
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    What CFW do I need for 6.37?

    I just want to use one simple code on Dissidia 012. I've applied the 6.37 ME, but the program was corrupt and wouldn't start. I tried to upgrade to 6.60, but I got the error that the "game could not be started." What are the exact programs I need and where do I place them? I have a PSP 1000...
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    PSP 6.37 Hackable?

    Hey guys I'm new to psp hacking and have been playing mhfu for a while now. Well i keep getting my butt kicked and an thinking about hacking my psp. i have 6.37 currently. I can not buy a pandora battery. Is there a way to format ur psp to get the a hackable version? And if its possible what are...
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