determining my PSP Hackability after 6.37


hello every one ...i am new here and new to the psp world too...and i wanted to ask about something after my psp got updated by accident to 6.37

i want to know if my psp is hackable here some notes and u tell me if it Hackable or not

i have bought a used psp 2004 piano black ....(Slim or 2000)

date code is 8c (Which i've heard is quite troublesome)

my serial is a (HC3xxxxxxxxxx...etc)

now ...that psp is had 5.02 gen-a apparently ....and that's from sys info menu...and that's a CFW as i know so does that make it hackable?

and from what i remember the isos were in the pictures menu ...and not from game menu ...some games also had like a red pic for the thumbnail pic of the game

also there was a ladybug with a purple colored background as the logo for the CFW

so from all that ....

all i wanna know is mine has aV3 mobo in other words pandora-able or not ?

fore thanks for the help given :)...and thanks to this forums and site for being helpful :)
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