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    God Eater Burst US CWcheat 5.50 prome 4 100% working

    for 5.50 prome 4 untouched iso... ♫ Warning someone had trouble with these. _S ULUS-10563 _G God Eater Burst [USA] _C0 Inf.HP/OP/ST _L 0x203227BC 0x4859E100 _L 0x203227C0 0x4859E100 _L 0x203227C4 0x4859E100 _C0 Max Melee Damage _L 0x10322A6E 0x0000270f _L 0x10322A70 0x0000270f _L 0x10322A72...
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    Downgrade 5.50 prome 4 ?

    Hey . . . Um . . . I Need To downgrade my version from prome 4 to 5.50 OFW so that i can upgrade my psp slim to 6.35 pro . . . please HELP ME ! XD:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(
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    problem upgrading 5.50 gen d3 to 5.50 prometheus

    when the "game" prometheus tells me to press x to start the upgrade my psp stops to work,:yeahthat: what should i do???????????
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    downgrade 6.35 to 5.50

    good day to every one.is it possible to downgrade my psp version 6.35 to 5.50 gen b-3?please help!
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    problems upgrading to 5.50 GEN-D3

    Good Evening everyone, Recently I tried the 5.50 GEN-D3 update on my PSP. The PSP is a 1004 series, is fully charged, and I currently have the official v5.02 firmware. So, I place all of the files in the folders as said in the instructions, but when I try to launch the update on the PSP I get...
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    5.50 Prometheus back to 5.00m33-6

    Prometheus is being a pain, saved games won't work and are all corrupted, cheats freeze the game and it takes forever to find a properly patched game. Anyone care to help?? Having trouble downgrading. I know it has something to do with Hellcats recovery..or something, anyway, a step by step...
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    PSP 1001 on 5.50 Gen-D3

    Been searching the site and finally thought I would ask you all for some assistance. I recently upgraded my PSP 1001 from 3.10 OE-A to 5.50 Gen-D3. I jumped right from 3.10 to 5.50 Gen D3 with nothing in between. All seems to have gone ok, but I play a few games - which drove me to upgrade in...
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    5.50 gen-d3 > .....

    Hi, I havent been in the psp scene much, im on 5.50 GEN-D3. How do i upgrade to the latest? I'm using psp 2000 (slim & lite). Any help/direction would be good. thanks in advance.
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    Updating 5.50 Gen-D2 to whatever the latest is?

    I just had a quick question, as I haven't really followed the PSP scene in forever. I currently have a PSP2000 with CWF 5.50 Gen-D2 that has been collecting dust since games started requiring 6.XX. I'm seeing a lot of CFW thats apparently only temporary, or specifically for the 3000's/Go. I'd...
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    PSP Fat 5.50 Gen-Bupgrade.

    Hello. I have an old fat model psp (i think its a 1000) with cfw 5.50 Gen-B (full) and was wondering what is the latest cfw out that is stable and compatible with my fat model psp. That is of course if i should upgrade or just stay with the cfw that i currently have. I haven't used my psp in a...
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    5.50 Gen D3 Prom 4 problem... cant get themes to work

    SO I have followed all the instructions I can find.. copied over CXMB folder and contents to the root, created a seplugins folder and the vsh.txt and game txt edited vsh.txt and i still cant get plugins to work.... i just want the win 7 plugin as my theme...
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    psp 3000 5.50 ofw hack

    hi, my friend got psp 3000 with 5.50. what method is the best to play game from memory card? i search on google and on psp-hacks.com, but i can't find the answer.
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    phat psp from 5.50 to 5.03

    hello,i have psp-fat,i was playing iso games but when i upgrade to 5.50 i dont.is there any way to play with 5.50 or what should i do?pls help..:sleep::sigh:
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    Upgrading to 5.50 D-3

    Hi, I just got my psp yesterday and it has 5.00 m33-6 on it right now. I wanna update it to 5.50 D-3. When I update will it format my memory card and I will lose all my games on it? Edit: Accidentally posted in wrong section, can a mod please move it to help section for me.
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    Upgrading from 5.50 Prome-2?

    Hey guys, need some info. Do I need to upgrade my CFW? My last update was to 5.50 Prome-2, at least that's what my psp 1000 is telling me. I haven't checked back on any info since I think well before christmas, really outta the loop here, so not sure if I can actually run the current games on...
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    5.50 Gen D3 Prom 4 and PSN

    Is playstation network possible on 5.50 Gen D3 Prom 4? Error Code 20000002
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    5.50 prometheus what's my next cfw upgrade ?

    hi guys....need a bit of help.i last upgraded my cfw to prometheus 5.50 (nothing else just prometheus 5.50) a while ago and was wondering what cfw do i have to upgrade to now ? i'm getting a bit confused as i'm looking on youtube and seeing various prometheus cfw with "gen" and prometheus-4 can...
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    Can I update from 5.50 GEN-D3 Prom-4..?

    I own a PSP 2003 model & it's currently on 5.50 GEN-D3 Prometheus-4 It's been quite a long time since I've messed 'round with PSP custom firmwares, psp hacking & whatnot.. And, I've noticed new custom firmwares being released like 6.20 & 6.35 so, I just need to know if I'm able to update to a...
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    unable to load save file after upgrade to 5.50 prome-2

    hi.. recently i have upgrade my psp cfw to 5.50 prome-2 from 3.90.. but after upgrade, i cant load my save file for two of my game.. diner dash and sudoku. It show corrupted files.. :( can anyone please help.. thanks
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    can final fantasy dissidia run on prometheus 5.50 ?

    been told on another thread that it can if i use iso tools but can't get it working.don't know if i'm doing the right thing in iso tools but it just crashes after you create a game save.i know the iso is good.any pointers please.
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