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    FIFA Soccer 2003 – Action Replay Codes [DE]

    The following are known Action Replay Codes for FIFA Soccer 2003 on Nintendo GameCube (GCN). These codes are for the German version of the game. Master Code – Must Be On QZYH-H8PE-W7XRV 71QM-CAEH-U997GPlayer 1: 99, Opposition: 0 5KFZ-M1KT-FGJZ1 RVET-VK93-1VXVC N9GQ-7UF8-8NQ34...
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    All-Star Baseball 2003

    Better hittingAs soon as the pitch is thrown hit Start and see the ball path to see if it is a ball or strike. Adjust your cursor accordingly.
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    AFL Live 2003

    Easy winsSelect Brisbane at the Gabba against any other team under the easy difficulty setting and you will be unbeatable.
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    The King of Fighters 2003 & 2004

    Has any one here played KOF04 and have more info on it? Thanks
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    Phantasy Star Online home video from 2003

    My last time playing Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast was in 2003 (I was told that the Sega was taking down the USA PSO servers) so I recorded to a VHS tape myself playing for 1 last time. I recently ripped the contents of that tape to my computer and than uploaded it to youtube. The...
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    Digimon World 2003 (SLES-03936)

    The first cheats are for SLUS_01436.. The second cheats are for SLES_03936 Here they are.. _S SLUS_01436 _G Digimon World 3 _C0 Max/Infinite Bits _L 80048554 E0FF _L 80048556 05F5 _C0 Have Max All Cards _L50009A02 0000 _L 800C9E10 C7C7 _C0 Fast EXP Kotemon _L 80048C68 FFFF _C0 Fast EXP Kumamon...
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    Digimon World 2003 [SLES_03936]

    _S SLES_03936 _G Digimon World 2003 _C0 Allies always Evade & Maximum Damage to enemies _L D009E1D0 0005 _L 8009E1D2 1220 _L D009E234 0028 _L 8009E230 270F _L D009E234 0028 _L 8009E232 2402 _C0 Infinite Bits _L 80048554 E0FF _L 80048556 05F5 _C0 All items and important items _L 50002902 0000 _L...
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    All-Star Baseball 2003 (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Always Full Count Code Master D92076D2 C5DD BA587D58 F3F9 D92076D2 C5DD B90A7550 F0B8 Top Always Full Count & 2 Outs Code Master D92076D2 C5DD 931D375A D6AF D92076D2 C5DD BA587D58 F3F9 D92076D2 C5DD B90A7550 F0B8 Top Infinite Balls Code Master...
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    Help installing cfw on slim 2003

    Hi, Been off the psp scene for a little while.....(been concentrating on ps3 lately) Just a little pointer please. I'm wanting to install cfw on my friend psp for him. He's currently running a slim 2003 model with 3.90ofw. My psp is a phat 1003 on 5.50 Prometheus 3 I already have Pandora...
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    Digimon World 2003

    I am trying to get Digimon World 2003 to run on my PSP1001 with 6.20 TN HEN-D and the game messes up when I go into the underground thru the inn. This glitch happens every time i run this. I tried changing the game and save ids and making the eboot with psx2psp 1.2 and 1.4.2, icetea...
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    Help. PSP 2003 buttons not responding in XMB.

    Hi. I bought a faulty PSP which hangs the moment it got into the XMB menu after booting up. I tried getting into the recovery menu and all the buttons worked fine when i was in the recovery menu. it's using 5.00m33 cfw. I've tried Hellcats recovery flasher but the buttons stopresponding the...
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    PSP 2003 Slim 7D data code version 6.20 downgrade?

    Hi all, how do i downgrade my psp its the slim 2003 (it says psp 2003 on the bottom bar code at the end of the psp), and behind the battery it says date code 7D, i accidently upgraded it to version 6.20 how do i downgrade it, it was chipped before but i cant remember where i got it chipped...
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    Psp 2003 - United Kingdom 7D (help a fellow gamer!)

    Right. I don't know where to begin. Now for 2 days i've been lurking here, till i finally got the guts to register and ask. I've tried everything, and for real - i failed so bad, i wanted to throw the psp to my dog, which chews on everything. So, i went trough several threads, and i have been...
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    PSP 2003 v6.38

    Hi I have a psp 2003 and my firmware version is 6.38 I dunno how to find out what version my motherboard is but my psp serial number starts with HB and my date code is 7c. looking to have cfw on it so I can play iso files. any help would be much appreciated Kind Regards
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    PSP 2003 5.00 help please

    Hi guys after a long time figuring out how to flash my psp 2003 I have it now on cfw 5.00 problem is I have put the iso game into the iso folder and the game shows and starts then I get this error : the game could not start (80020148) any clue on what to do guys ?
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    psp 2003 green light only

    hi i have now a psp 2003 i brought it off e-bay as faulty cracked screen so i put a new screen in but when i turn it on i get the green light only the screen lights up got no sounds, could this be just bricked?
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    psp 2003 bricked

    I recently asked for help on here with a psp 2003 that had a green light only..... i made a magic memory stick but im having problems making a Pandora battery on my psp 3003 lME-7 when i try to write the to the battery it says failed does any one know why this may be...... thanks for your help
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    psp 2003

    hi, i have just baught a psp 2003 with 5.55 on it, i dont know anything at all about hacking this so could someone please help me on how to do it please? could someone help me on where to download the programs for this from, and also how to do it to your psp as i said i dont know anything about...
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    psp 2003 downgrade!is it possible?

    good day mates.i have here psp 2003 version 6.60. is there any solution for this version to be hack or downgrade to a hackable version? TIA graceejay
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    NASCAR Thunder 2003

    Better acceleration and easier handling For all of the tracks except for Daytona and Talledega, go into car setup before the race. Change your tire pressure down to 15 psi for better acceleration and easier handling. For Daytona and Talledega, leave it at 25 psi. Bristol: Easy win First...
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