Psp 2003 - United Kingdom 7D (help a fellow gamer!)


Right. I don't know where to begin. Now for 2 days i've been lurking here, till i finally got the guts to register and ask.

I've tried everything, and for real - i failed so bad, i wanted to throw the psp to my dog, which chews on everything.

So, i went trough several threads, and i have been failed to install the Chicken mod, to get PSPident to work on my psp. But i nearly went to epileptic seizure, after scrolling down trough those colors. And i did everything by the guide.

I got the h.bin file in root, i got the mod in the Pictures folder. What i'm doing wrong?

PS. - Firmware is original 6.31

Any input on this great question will be rewarded with awesome pics of busty women.
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