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Various Game Center achievements​

AchievementHow to unlock
100 Delivered (100 points)Delivered 1000 presents in one game.
1000 Delivered Across Games(150 points)Delivered 1000 presents, across all games.
200 Delivered (250 points)Delivered 50 presents in one game.
200 Delivered Across Games (50 points)Delivered 200 presents, across all games.
2000 Delivered Across Games (200 points)Delivered 2000 presents, across all games.
25 Delivered (10 points)Delivered 25 presents in one game.
50 Delivered (50 points)Delivered 50 presents in one game.
500 Delivered Across Game (100 points)Delivered 500 presents, across all games.
75 Delivered (75 points)Delivered 75 presents in one game.
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