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    Freedom Planet 2 – Launch Trailer

    Freedom Planet 2 – Launch Trailer
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    Captain Planet

    End GameEnter the code 506210 in the password option to end the game.
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    Planet Web 3.0 Mod Download

    Wow, smith this is awesome :D ! Thanks for doing this, it's a nice surprise. How long did it take you? I decided to upload the beta ver. to my site for easier download. Download here: - Oops!
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    Planet Ring Case Question

    Quick question for owners of Planet Ring: Does the case say "Compact Disc" on the inside of the case? I know normally Dreamcast games don't have this as they were printed on GD-ROMs but I wasn't sure if this was an exception since it was a free game. The reason I ask is because I just received...
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    Planet Ring

    I have a collectors question about Planet Ring. I've been looking for the game on eBay and I've noticed some copies with a blue spine (with the "Dreamcast" logo on it) and some (usually cheaper) with a generic clear over a plain white colored spine. Since most of these listings are European and...
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    Planet Ring on US Dreamcast

    Hey guys just wanted to know if there was a way to play Planet Ring on a US dreamcast? Or is this something only the PAL Players can enjoy?
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    Lost Planet 3

    Forgot to post it last year.. Hacked by 정지혜 BLUS31020 Infinite Health OGP=807F031C2C0300004081000838A00001 COP=499FCAA72C0300004081000838A00001 OGP=0054005200550045000000000000000000460041004C00530045000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000...
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    Freedom Planet

    Alternative Character Select FacesOn the character select screen, if you rapidly press up/down without picking a character, the screen will start to shake and their faces become interesting.
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    Xmas Planet

    Various Game Center achievements Achievement How to unlock 100 Delivered (100 points) Delivered 1000 presents in one game. 1000 Delivered Across Games(150 points) Delivered 1000 presents, across all games. 200 Delivered (250 points) Delivered 50 presents in one game. 200 Delivered...
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    Scorched Planet

    Cheat CodesALIAH : God Mode FATAL : All weapons and ammo
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    Little Big Planet USA Version [UCUS-98744] CWCheats

    Little Big Planet USA Version CWCheats _S UCUS-98744 _G Little Big Planet [USA] _C0 Max Score _L 0x003ED3D4 0x00018736
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    Little Big Planet EUR Version [UCES-01264] CWCheats

    Little Big Planet EUR Version CWCheats _S UCES-01264 _G Little Big Planet [EUR] _C0 Bubbles _L 0x203ED3D4 0x000186A0 _L 0x20FFB234 0x000186A0
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    Lost Planet 3: Build your own mechs in this ambitious sequel

    New developer, new ideas, new hero. We all like a good whinge about torrid British weather, but Lost Planet 3 protagonist Jim has legitimate grounds to grumble, given that the sub zero climes of EDN III are as deadly as the indigenous crustaceans that inhabit it. Click here to...
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    Lost Planet EX Troopers PS3/3DS trailer is very colourful

    First look at Capcom's spin-off. Capcom has released the first trailer for EX Troopers, the Lost Planet spin-off title being developed for the Nintendo 3DS. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Lost Planet EX Troopers revealed for PS3, 3DS

    Spin-off shooter has anime influences and is intended for beginners. Capcom is bringing Lost Planet to the Nintendo 3DS with EX Troopers, a third-person shooter spin-off under the watch of Monster Hunter producer Shintaro Kojima. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Help with downloaded Little Big Planet

    Hi guys, I've just downloaded a copy of Little Big Planet for the PSP, I'm 100% sure I have the files and everything in the right folders, because the game can boot, and start. The game loads, and asks me to choose my language, then it asks me to install memory data on the memory stick. When I...
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    Anyone with 5.00m33-6 going online with Little Big Planet?

    If so, how? I have PSNLover installed but it still gives me this message. "A system software update for the PSP system is required. For update methods refer to the instructions for the PSP system." Any help would be much appreciated!
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    Planet Patrol Cheat Codes (for Atari 2600)

    No Random Enemy Bases Press Down to reach the bottom of the screen immediately after collecting the stranded pilot. The enemy bases that are usually randomly located will always appear in the three lowest positions. | [Sent by Stryker82]
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    Lost Planet 2

    10,000 Credit Slot Machine Unlock every item in the regular slot machine to unlock a 10,000 credit slot machine. AI enemy battle Successfully complete all training levels and modes for both Basic and Advanced training to unlock the AI enemy battle. Custom Characters in Campaign Mode...
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    Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

    Crossing The Plains: Defeating the giant worm Gather as much thermal energy as possible before you fight the worm. To get more thermal energy, destroy the surrounding heat tankards and activate the outpost. If you need more thermal energy, just kill the surrounding flying Akrid and their...
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