Which region had the best overall releases for DC?

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If you had to limit yourself to only being able to buy or play games from one region - which region had the overall best collection?

Each region had several good exclusives. And each region had translated versions of games that other regions were left out on (USA got MOTW, Last Blade 2 and Mars Matrix/Gigawing 2, while Europe got Rez, Shenmue II, Fighting Vipers 2)

Even the Japanese library which seems huge and all encompassing was left out of many Western games such as Metropolis Street Racer, Vanishing Point, Starlancer, MDK 2, etc - not to mention, on a personal level, you probably wouldn't appreciate Shenmue or D2 or Skies of Arcadia as much if they are only in Japanese and you don't speak it...

Which would you pick!
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