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Wanted to create a list of games, where specific region editions of the game, have in game features, that other region counterparts do not have'.

This list can also include games that are of the same region, but the limited edition versions have different in game features.

I hope this will be useful to people, as I was annoyed to find that some of my PAL games do not have the same features as Japanese/American ones. :evil:

So far I (we) know that:

(JP) Giga Wing - Has different/extra sound effects and voiceovers ???

(JP) Giga Wing 2 - Has different/extra sound effects and voiceovers ???

(JP) (NA) And (PAL) Jet Set Radio/Grind - Have some extra and lack some extra tracks depedning on which region and JP version has special exclusive graffiti

(JP Limited edition) Dead or Alive 2 - extra Characters can be unlocked and had online rankings??

(JP)/ And limited edition???) Dead or Alive 2 - can unlock costumes

(JP) Soul Caliber - Some extra secrets (colour panties, codpiece)

(NA) Project Justice - Extra Characters (Could be Uploaded Online)/Board game stuff

(NA) (JP) Daytona USA - Online Play

(JP) (US) Garou/Fatal Fury - Different voices and sound effects to each other

(JP) Last Blade - Has Blood uncut

(JP) sega Rally - Lacks Online, but has VS Link options unlike others

(JP) Blue Stinger - Different Camera Angle

(US) Tetris - Online Play

(JP) (US) Samba De Amigo - Different playable tracks

(JP) Crazy Taxi 2 - Network features or play

(JP) Capcom Vs SNK - Network features or play

(JP) Capcom VS SNK 2 - Network features or play

(JP) Heavy Metal Geomatrix - Network play or features

(JP) Street Fighter III: Third Strike - Network play or features

(JP) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Network play or features (named matching service in japan)

I also think their is something diffrent in Virtua fighter and King of Fighters stuff but can't remember

I will update this with any suggestions and put it in a more readable format sometime.

Haven't confimed these myself apart for Jet Set

Thanks, In advance
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