The Surface Phone is real! Microsoft surprises with a dual-screen Android phone

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    The Microsoft Surface Duo. It's a dual-screen Android phone. [credit: Microsoft ]

Which narrative should we go with for this one? The long-rumored Surface Phone has finally arrived! The Microsoft Courier is back from the dead! After the death of Windows Phone, Microsoft finally gave in and made an Android phone!
However you want to frame this news, meet the Microsoft Surface Duo, a dual-screen Android phone made by the company that makes Windows.
Microsoft did not say a lot about the Surface Duo during its big Surface press event. The release date is "Holiday 2020"—that's right, the company announced the Surface Duo more than a year before it is scheduled to go on sale. We have no idea what specs the Duo has other than two 5.6-inch displays, and there's no announced price.

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