The Matrix 4 Rumor

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By Joshua Yehl

The rumor mill has been churning quite a bit lately in regards to a possible new Matrix movie, with new reports suggesting that one or both of the Wachowskis will return to direct a fourth installment starring Michael B. Jordan.

Back in 2017, THR originally reported Warner Bros. was starting to develop a “relaunch” of The Matrix franchise starring Jordan with a script by Zak Penn (co-screenwriter of Ready Player One). At the time, the involvement of the Wachowskis was undecided, but one new rumor from The GWW says Lana Wachowski will return to direct the fourth Matrix film, which will shoot in Chicago under the working title “Project Ice Cream.”

Conversely, Discussing Film claims that both Wachowskis are returning to direct the fourth Matrix movie. Additionally, they say the same art director from the original Matrix movie, Hugh Bateup, has already been brought on as the production designer of this new project.

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