Got Pro Action Replay or Game Genie codes for some Game Gear games? Post them here!!

final kaoss

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Pro Action Replay Codes:
Infinite Gold - 00C1D4:09

Game Genie Codes:
Start with only 1 life - 015-36F-E66 -Galoob
Start with 6 lives - 065-36F-E66 -Galoob
Start with 9 lives - 095-36F-E66 -Galoob
Infinite lives - 3AE-28F-2A2 -Galoob
Infinite Zatches - 00F-47A-E6E -Galoob
Start on level 2: Docks of Venice, CA - 010-AEF-E6A -Galoob
Start on level 3: Island of Patu San - 020-AEF-E6A -Galoob
Start on level 4: Jungle of Patu San - 040-AEF-E6A -Galoob
Start at the cave of the ancients - 050-AEF-E6A -Galoob
Start on level 5: Colonel Chi's prison camp - 060-AEF-E6A -Galoob
Start on level 6: Colonel Chi's Fortress - 070-AEF-E6A -Galoob
The 2 above Game Genie codes are for practice only. You cannot complete the game without collecting the KWANTZU in the cave of the ancients.
Start with no Zatches - 005-49F-E62 -Galoob
Start with only 1 Zatch - 015-49F-E62 -Galoob
Start with 10 Zatches - 105-49F-E62 -Galoob
Start with 50 Zatches - 505-49F-E62 -Galoob
Start with no hints - 005-4AF-E66 -Galoob
Start with only one hint - 015-4AF-E66 -Galoob
Start with 10 hints - 105-4AF-E66 -Galoob
Start with 50 hints - 505-4AF-E66 -Galoob
Start with no weapons - 005-4BF-B3E -Galoob
Start with 5 of each weapon - 055-4BF-B3E -Galoob
Start with 30 of each weapon - 305-4BF-B3E -Galoob
Start with 50 of each weapon - 505-4BF-B3E -Galoob
Start with no gold - 005-4CF-2AA -Galoob
Start with only 15 gold coins - 155-4CF-2AA -Galoob
Start with 60 gold coins - 605-4CF-2AA -Galoob
Start with 99 gold coins - 995-4CF-2AA -Galoob
Infinite hints - C9A-ABA-19E -Galoob
Infinite weapons - 000-72E-E6E -Galoob
Infinite gold - 3A2-9A9-2A2 -Galoob
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