Super Valis 4 game genie codes (for Super Nintendo)

Game Genie Codes, GameShark & Pro Action Replay Codes for games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES. (some codes are official and others are unofficial).

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Super NES Game Genie codes - Super Valis 4

042C-ADD7 Allows you to select easy mode on the options screen
DD66-A7A7 Infinite usage for all special attacks
C2AA-0DAF Protection from most enemy attacks
F684-0F0D Heart worth more
4684-0F0D Heart worth much more
Don't combine any of the item codes. Also you don't have to have any of the
items for the codes to work
CB62-6767 + D762-67A7 Item is always search
CB62-6767 + DF62-67A7 Item is always three-way beam
CB62-6767 + D462-67A7 Item is always bomber
CB62-6767 + D062-67A7 Item is always homing
CB62-6767 + D962-67A7 Item is always heart
CB62-6767 + D162-67A7 Item is always armor
826F-A467 Selecting an item does not remove it from the menu of available items
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