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Unlock all Characters [eric]
42000000 90000000

Unlock all Stages [eric]
42000000 90000000

Have all Trophies [eric]
42000000 90000000
0817BE80 80638063
21100004 00000000

Have all Stickers [eric]
42000000 90000000
0817C398 80638063
215D0004 00000000

Have all Challenge Data [eric]
42000000 90000000
0817CB68 02020202
201F0004 00000000

Stage Editor - Place Overlapping Objects [pizzaboy]
4A000000 81000000
10521D58 00000001
4A000000 80000000
Note - If you place a large object that completely covers a smaller object, you will not be able to ever delete the smaller object. I don't know if I can make a fix for this, I haven't tried yet.

Stage Editor Unlimited Parts [pizzaboy]
4A000000 81000000
14529E5E 00000000
4A000000 80000000

Stage Editor Edge Code [pizzaboy]
4A000000 804F7880
38000000 00000810
4A000000 81000000
32529F8C 3F800000
92210000 00529F8C
94210000 00529F78
14529F8C 3F800000
E2000001 00000000
32529F90 3F800000
92210001 00529F90
94210001 00529F7C
14529F90 3F800000
E2000002 00000000
4A000000 804F7880
38000000 00001800
4A000000 81000000
32529F78 00000000
92210000 00529F78
94210000 00529F8C
14529F78 00000000
E2000001 00000000
32529F7C 00000000
92210001 00529F7C
94210001 00529F90
14529F7C 00000000
E2000002 00000000
4A000000 80000000
Hold the object you want to overlap the edge of the level and press A and + on the wiimote.
Move it where you want, press A and -, and then place it.
Please save before using this code, and check your level for spawn issues by dying once in the testing area. You may also potentially encounter freezing after placing an object with this code.

Infinite Coin Launcher Coins [James0x57]
04103D14 38602710

Nearly Invincible HRC Force Field On/Off (1/2) and + [James0x57]
284F7880 00000210
05158C78 60000000
284F7881 00000110
05158C78 D0440000
E0000000 80008000
Use the first-connected Wii Remote. Must re-enable it if you change characters.
I tested many many times it and the location never changed. If the code does not work for you, please let me know!

Enable/Disable HRC Timer: A, B and (U/D) [James0x57]
284F7880 00000C08
04959364 41820738
284F7881 00000C04
04959364 48000738
E0000000 80008000
Use the first-connected Wii Remote. Only have it disabled durring the HRC.

Disable HRC Timer: Down and A to Finish [James0x57]
20959364 41820738
04959360 2C070001
04959364 40820738
284F7881 00000804
04959360 2C1B0000
04959364 41820738
E0000000 80008000
Use the first-connected Wii Remote.
I have a somewhat unfinished list (Mostly translated from the Japanese one)
00 Assist Trophy
01 Franklin Badge
02 Banana Peel
03 Barrel
04 Beam Sword
05 Bill
06 Bob-Ombs
07 Crate
08 Bumper
09 Capsule
0A Rolling Crate
0C Sticky Bomb
0D Cracker Launcher
0E Cracker Launcher Shot
0F Coin
10 Superspicy Curry
12 Deku Nut
13 Mr. Saturn
14 Dragoon Parts (Random picked)
15 Dragoon Part Final
16 Dragoon Part (Useless Target Spawn that can be gotten with Final)
17 Trophies
18 Fire Flower
19 Fire Flower fire?
1A Freezie
1B Golden Hammer
1C Green Shell
1D Hammer
1E Hammer Head
1F Fan
20 Heart Container
21 Homerun Bat
22 Party Ball
23 Unknown 1.
24 Maxim Tomato
25 Poison Mushroom
26 Super Mushroom
27 Metal Box
28 Hot Head
29 Pitfall
2A Pokeball
2B Box of Explosives
2C Ray Gun
2E Lipstick
2F Lipstick Flower
31 Sandbag
32 Screw Attack
33 Sticker
34 Motion-Sensor Bomb
35 Timer
36 Smart Bomb
37 Smash Ball
38 Smoke Ball
39 Spring
3A Star Rod
3C Soccer Ball
3D Superscope
3F Star
40 Apple
41 Team Healer
42 Lightning
43 Urina
44 Bunny Hood
45 Warpstar
48 Trophy Stand
4F Sandbag
53 Snake Box
54 Diddy Peanut
55 Link's Bomb 06
56 Peach's Vegetable 02
57 Blank Item
58 Diddy Nut
59 Snake Grenage 0D
5B Toon Link's Bomb 06
5C Freeze
5D ?
5E Invisible Item (Level-specific?)
5F Invisible Item (Level-specific?)
60 Invisible Item (Level-specific?)
61 Invisible Item (Level-specific?)
62 Invisible Item (Level-specific?)
6E Pokemon (Ho-oh)
6F Pokemon (?)
70 Pokemon (?)
71 Pokemon (Snorlax)
72 Pokemon (Bellossom)
73 Pokemon (?)
74 Pokemon (?)
75 Pokemon (Lats)
76 Pokemon (Active Lat Grab)
77 Pokemon (Lugia Attack)
78 Pokemon (?)
79 Pokemon (Weavile)
7A Pokemon (Electrode)
7B Pokemon (?)
7C Pokemon (?)
7D Pokemon (?)
7E Pokemon (?)
7F Pokemon (Piplup)
80 Pokemon (Togepi)
81 Pokemon (Goldeen)
82 Pokemon (Gardevoir)
83 Pokemon (Wobba)
84 Pokemon (?)
85 Pokemon (Bonsly)
86 Assist Trophy/Pokemon (?)
87 Assist Trophy/Pokemon (?)
88 Assist Trophy/Pokemon (?)
89 Assist Trophy (Gray Fox)
8A Assist Trophy (RayII)
8B Assist Trophy (Attack of RayII)
8C Assist Trophy (Attack of RayII)
8D Assist Trophy (Hi-yama Guy w/ Sword and Muscles)
8E Assist Trophy (?)
8F Assist Trophy (Bike Guy)
9D Assist Trophy (Boxer Guy)
9E+ ?

(I made this list before the codes came out by manually poking what Peach pulls as a turnip, since it hasn't been converted to work with English Brawl yet to my knowledge. Reason some of them are unknown is because pulling them doesn't always work with Peach.)
Custom Stages On Wifi Test
4A000000 81000000
3253CDDC 01010101
305E25C4 00000036
E2000001 00000000
145E25D8 00000035
E2000002 80008000

Instructions (READ THESE!!!!!)
All players do not need the code. However, the game chooses a player randomly to select a stage, so to have 100% chance of playing the custom stage, all players need the code.

All players must have the stage. Before going online, all players must play a normal brawl on the custom stage you wish to use online. Failure to play the stage before going online may result in freezing, disconnects, or desyncs.

To activate the code, select the "Random" button on the level select screen. You will see it pick a level at random, but it will really choose the last custom stage you played on.

This code should not work when playing "With Anyone."

This code, as labeled, is a test, meaning it may not work. Please report back here with the results of using this code.
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