[RSBE01] Super Smash Brothers Brawl

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final kaoss

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1 hit Kill [Seth@WiiPlaza]
00AD78F4 00000042
*only test solo
*basically auto wins the game for you

Invisible Players [Seth@WiiPlaza]
00AD76C0 00000011
*only test solo

God Mode/No Damage Effect [Seth@WiiPlaza]
00AD78F4 000000FF
*only test solo

here are some other codes i made for SSBB in the past

Spectator Mode/Public Player 1 Percentage Attacker [Seth@WiiPlaza]
284F9FC2 FFE70018
04614ADC 60000000
05265990 60000000
0537394C 60000000
0571D39C 60000000
0571D398 60000000
E0000000 80008000
*hold + and UP to increase percentages
* ive had some problems with the activator before, if that happens to you take it off
*as the game goes on the value resets, so it would be wise to keep reactivating it
*if you increase the player damage percentage and bet on the other team, you almost always win the bet

Classic Solo, Damage Percentage Never Increases [Seth@WiiPlaza]
0571D27F 00000000
0571D27B 00000000
0527CDEF 00000000
04C273B3 00000000
04C273A7 00000000
04BE6B77 00000000
046135B3 00000000
045E97DE 00000000

AllStar Solo, Damage Percentage Never Increases [Seth@WiiPlaza]
05700338 00000000
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