Super Smash Bros.

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Super Smash Bros

So the demo for the new Smash Bros. is out for 3DS. Five playable characters Mega Man, Mario, Link, Pikachu and Villager and hot damn this is a fun game. I can already tell it feels better than Brawl did: less floaty and speedier, which is what I think we were all hoping for.The game looks beautiful on a 3DS and runs super smooth, even with 4 characters running around Dan and I played against 2 CPU characters. Controls do take a little bit to get used to I have never really played any modern Smash game without a GCN controller, even on the Wii but you get used to it pretty easily plus I would imagine the final product will have some sort of Button Configuration option.Anyways, its a new Smash game, it feels great, and Im SO pumped to play this on the go and via Internet EVERYBODY THAT HAS A 3DS BETTER GET THIS, OR GET A 3DS FOR IT. DECISION MADE FOR IAN.
The Nintendo 64 has always been the best of its time, at my age I still take it out of its box and play with my children.
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