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You can pull a Chao for 3,000 rings or by using a Chao search item from the daily spin. However, do not do so unless you have full energy. When you pull a Chao, a timer begins. You can only use the Chao until the timer expires, and playing with it counts towards permanently unlocking it. The level three Chaos are available for one hour; if you pull one with an empty energy meter, you have lost half the time to use it. Combine boosts and Chaos effectively. For example, a good way to stockpile of rings is use the level three Neutral Chao who collects rings and the Ring Streak boost that rewards you with extra rings for collecting every ring in a group. Combine Quick Fever and Super Time Extend with an enemy-destroying Dark Chao will help you score extra points.


Spend rings on upgrading your selected character first to increase the duration of the power-ups. Upgrade each of them on your chosen character until they reach the point where the next upgrade costs 9,100 rings. Once there save the gold rings for other uses. Be careful about upgrading every because every upgrade counts towards increasing the Fever meter for everyone. Spend red rings to unlock Amy as soon as possible. She is cheaper than Blaze or Knuckles, and she is the best character. Use her jumping hammer attack to defeat enemies and collect items it hits. She has a wide reach that allows you to score easier, build combos, enter Fever mode, and collect items.

Extra points​

Aim carefully when flinging the animals at the end of a run. If you can place consecutive animals in the basket, each subsequent one will earn you 100 more points. If you miss, they reset back to being worth 100 points. If you can land them in the basket quickly, your character will wait longer before leaving the screen giving you more time to earn extra points.

Fever mode​

Each time you increase your Fever level, you will move up the ladder of Fever patterns. Each pattern has a different distribution of rings and point bubbles. The higher the level becomes, the more those patterns shift towards point bubbles instead of rings. This will eventually noticeably decrease on how many rings you can collect per run. If you trigger Fever more than once in a run, you can see what the next pattern looks like. If needed delay upgrades until you have collected a large number of gold rings.


Rings, points, and collectibles are placed in such a way that trying to collect all of them in a run will not be efficient. Focus on collecting one type of objective per run. For rings, equip a ring-collecting Hero or Neutral Chao, then concentrate on grabbing the rings and triggering Fever mode. For points, equip a Dark Chao and focus on enemies. Work on extending your combos to trigger Fever mode as many times as possible. Also free your animal friends for a score boost. For collectibles, use the Chao that rescues you from falling and avoid long combos, because you can miss items if you enter Fever mode without collecting them first.


There are two types of power-ups. Some are temporary that are used to get further in a stage (for example, the shield and rocket boost). The second type is a supplementary power-up that is activated before the game begins and lasts indefinitely (for example, to boost ahead or for extra rings from the gold totem). Power-ups cost extra rings to unlock or you can spend in-game currency to buy more red rings. Save your best boost power-ups for moments that allow a good chance for high score. For example, wait until you have increased your Fever level into the patterns with more point bubbles. Also save them for zones that are best suited for them, such as the Mechanical Zone and Green Hill Zone.


Watch for enemies and lines of rings. Collect as many rings as possible while defeating enemies to build up the Fever meter. Once full you can activate a bonus round which allows you to collect even more rings. Red rings are worth the most, and are needed to unlock new characters and stages. Each time you play decreases a charge meter that is filled either by waiting or by spending 40 red rings. Connect the game to Facebook or Twitter to get free rings. You can also watch advertisement videos and completing offers on Tapjoy to also get rings.


Get 1600 Rings in order to unlock Shadow.


Get a Hero Chao to unlock Silver.

Unlimited lives​

Each session uses one life which regenerates over twenty minutes. Advance the time on your device by twenty minutes for each life you wish to restore. Then, set the time back to its correct value.
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