SOCOM II Live Character Model Swap


Swapper v1.0 [L1+Left]
D044F15C 0000FB7F
202CED04 08030428
200C1000 68436955
200C1004 79547261
200C1008 00316570
200C1010 68436955
200C1014 79547261
200C1018 00326570
200C1020 68436955
200C1024 79547261
200C1028 00336570
200C1030 68436955
200C1034 79547261
200C1038 00346570
200C1040 68436955
200C1044 79547261
200C1048 00356570
200C1050 68436955
200C1054 79547261
200C1058 00366570
200C1060 68436955
200C1064 79547261
200C1068 00376570
200C1070 68436955
200C1074 79547261
200C1078 00386570
200C10A0 27BDFFC0
200C10A4 AFBF0040
200C10A8 AFB30030
200C10AC AFB20020
200C10B0 AFB10010
200C10B4 AFB00000
200C10B8 3C100044
200C10BC 36100C38
200C10C0 8E100000
200C10C4 12000070
200C10C8 00000000
200C10CC 24080001
200C10D0 24090002
200C10D4 240A0003
200C10D8 240B0004
200C10DC 240C0005
200C10E0 240D0006
200C10E4 240E0007
200C10E8 240F0008
200C10EC 3C186666
200C10F0 37186666
200C10F4 3C11000C
200C10F8 36311090
200C10FC 8E320000
200C1100 3C13000C
200C1104 36731000
200C1108 12400003
200C110C 00000000
200C1110 10000005
200C1114 00000000
200C1118 26520001
200C111C AE320000
200C1120 10000001
200C1124 00000000
200C1128 8E320000
200C112C 1248000F
200C1130 00000000
200C1134 12490016
200C1138 00000000
200C113C 124A001D
200C1140 00000000
200C1144 124B0024
200C1148 00000000
200C114C 124C002B
200C1150 00000000
200C1154 124D0032
200C1158 00000000
200C115C 124E0039
200C1160 00000000
200C1164 124F0040
200C1168 00000000
200C116C 0C14F85C
200C1170 26640000
200C1174 0040282D
200C1178 AE050540
200C117C AE180FCC
200C1180 26520001
200C1184 AE320000
200C1188 1000003F
200C118C 00000000
200C1190 0C14F85C
200C1194 26640010
200C1198 0040282D
200C119C AE050540
200C11A0 AE180FCC
200C11A4 26520001
200C11A8 AE320000
200C11AC 10000036
200C11B0 00000000
200C11B4 0C14F85C
200C11B8 26640020
200C11BC 0040282D
200C11C0 AE050540
200C11C4 AE180FCC
200C11C8 26520001
200C11CC AE320000
200C11D0 1000002D
200C11D4 00000000
200C11D8 0C14F85C
200C11DC 26640030
200C11E0 0040282D
200C11E4 AE050540
200C11E8 AE180FCC
200C11EC 26520001
200C11F0 AE320000
200C11F4 10000024
200C11F8 00000000
200C11FC 0C14F85C
200C1200 26640040
200C1204 0040282D
200C1208 AE050540
200C120C AE180FCC
200C1210 26520001
200C1214 AE320000
200C1218 1000001B
200C121C 00000000
200C1220 0C14F85C
200C1224 26640050
200C1228 0040282D
200C122C AE050540
200C1230 AE180FCC
200C1234 26520001
200C1238 AE320000
200C123C 10000012
200C1240 00000000
200C1244 0C14F85C
200C1248 26640060
200C124C 0040282D
200C1250 AE050540
200C1254 AE180FCC
200C1258 26520001
200C125C AE320000
200C1260 10000009
200C1264 00000000
200C1268 0C14F85C
200C126C 26640070
200C1270 0040282D
200C1274 AE050540
200C1278 AE180FCC
200C127C AE200000
200C1280 10000001
200C1284 00000000
200C1288 8FBF0040
200C128C 8FB30030
200C1290 8FB20020
200C1294 8FB10010
200C1298 8FB00000
200C129C 03E00008
200C12A0 27BD0040

D044F15C 0000FFFF
202CED04 03e00008

Respawn in place
20599110 00000000

Rough version. The character models are mostly random at the moment, still working on a few bugs. Best when used with respawn in place.

credit: bismofunyuns
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