Live weapon select SOCOM II


Live weapon select
203CF1F8 24030033
202CED04 0802C800
200B2000 27BDFFF0
200B2004 AFB00010
200B2008 3C100044
200B200C 36100C38
200B2010 8E100000
200B2014 3C080045
200B2018 850DF15C
200B201C 2409FBDF
200B2020 240AFB7F
200B2024 11A90005
200B2028 00000000
200B202C 11AA000E
200B2030 00000000
200B2034 10000013
200B2038 00000000
200B203C 12000011
200B2040 00000000
200B2044 3C0B0059
200B2048 356B9110
200B204C 8D6C0000
200B2050 AD600000
200B2054 3C196666
200B2058 37396666
200B205C AE190FCC
200B2060 10000008
200B2064 00000000
200B2068 12000006
200B206C 00000000
200B2070 3C180000
200B2074 37180D7D
200B2078 AE1800E0
200B207C 10000001
200B2080 00000000
200B2084 AD6C0000
200B2088 8FB00010
200B208C 03E00008
200B2090 27BD0010

L1+Left to bring up weapon selection, choose weapons and close the weapon list then press L1+Right to respawn with new weapons
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