Palbox Storage Space & Pal Team Suggestions

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Darth Dorky


Palbox storage is rather finite. Players will have a hard time having enough storage to condense 64 Pals for the Upgrade Rank #5. Currently holds 30 x 16 (466). Breeding is the true end game currently and these limitations are overly stifling to progression.

B) Swapping Pal teams around and searching through the box for specific Pals can prove tedious, especially to a prolific breeder.


A) Please
expand the storage space by 4-14 boxes (+120-420 slots). The current limitations in place do not serve as a means of prolonging end-game content, but rather as a deterrent from continuation. This will need to be expanded as new content is released anyways.

Please allow a separate section of the Palbox to create and store pre-made teams and worker combinations. This could be 4 renamable extra boxes of 15 slots specifically for swapping out teams and having labor backups prepared.

B1) Additional filter capabilities, (such as multi-selection), would significantly help with sorting through the Palbox. Being able to sort by Level & Paldeck No. would instantly make filtering for fighter Pals about 5x easier.
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Gemini suggests:

I understand your concerns about Palbox storage limitations and the need for improved team management in the game. Here's my analysis of your points and potential solutions:

Issue A: Palbox Storage

  • Problem: Limited storage space makes it difficult to condense 64 Pals for Upgrade Rank #5 and hinders breeding, a core endgame activity.
  • Impact: Discourages players from progressing and enjoying the endgame.
  • Suggestion: Expand storage by 4-14 boxes (120-420 slots). This accommodates future content and alleviates the storage crunch.


Expanding storage is a reasonable approach to address the immediate space constraints. However, consider these alternatives:

  • Storage optimization tools: Implement features like stackable items, removal of unused items, or condensing options to maximize existing space.
  • Tiered storage system: Offer additional storage boxes as players progress through the game, rewarding engagement and providing long-term storage solutions.
  • Cloud storage integration (if feasible): Allow players to store Pals in the cloud for expanded accessibility and potential cross-device functionality.

Issue B: Team Management

  • Problem: Swapping teams and searching for specific Pals is tedious, especially for prolific breeders.
  • Impact: Hinders gameplay flow and efficiency.
  • Suggestion: Introduce separate sections for pre-made teams and worker combinations.
  • Additional suggestion: Implement advanced filtering options like multi-selection and sorting by level/Paldeck number.


Creating pre-made team slots and advanced filtering are both excellent suggestions. Here are some additional thoughts:

  • Team templates: Allow saving entire team compositions with Pals and equipment for quick deployment.
  • Search function: Implement a search bar to find specific Pals by name, type, or other relevant criteria.
  • Team tags: Enable players to tag teams for easier organization and categorization.
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