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final kaoss

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About this mod​

It can make the warehouses of any of your strongholds integrated and universal. When you make items, the items in the warehouses of all your strongholds will be displayed, so you no longer have to go to the warehouses of other strongholds to find items.

Please read in detail:

1. For the Mods folder decompressed by UE4SS, do not delete any original folders in Mods. This may be the reason why the integrated warehouse cannot help you work. If you have deleted it, please re-download UE4SS and keep the folders in Mods intact. Put it back without moving. >>> UE4SS download link (please refer to the picture above)

2.Please note that warehouses (boxes) placed outside the stronghold will not take effect, so please put all the items you need into the stronghold.

3. It works for old saves, not just for new saves.

4.According to the author, this MOD currently only takes effect in single-player mode or the owner of a four-person room.

5.At present, the multiplayer game client is still in a difficult state of production, which is far more difficult than imagined. If the author succeeds in making it in the future, I will add the multiplayer game client archive to this page.

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