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Hey Guys,

If your like me you probably missed the first release of Last Hope for Dreamcast. This independently produced title was on sale around 2007 and at that time all my consoles were collecting dust under my TV. Now that I have the time and cash to dive back into my consoles (Namely Dreamcast) this is a gift from the Heavens. It seems that NGDEVTEAM is RE-Releasing a modified version of Last hope for the Dreamcast.

I would advise everyone pick up a copy of this if you don't want to miss the boat and get price gouged by EBAY pirates.


This edition features improved on screen visibility in comparison to its 1st print. That and various other features make the game less hard to allow a more accessible gameplay experience.

Features: VMU, Joypad and Arcade Stick support
All Last Hope Versions:

Free 360° rotary protection unit for shooting and dodging enemy fire
Six stages
Handdrawn NEO·GEO style backgrounds
Fully animated CGI enemies
Superb video game style soundtrack
Constant 60 fps with up to 4 parallax layers
Lighting FX
Smooth plasma FX
Last Hope Pink Bullets specific Features:

Six credits and instant respawn during one credit
Higher ship speed from beginning
Five difficulty levels
Overall less hard difficulty
Altered stage color theme for higher visibility
Pink enemy bullets
Production: Offset printed Inlaycard, offset printed booklet, DVD casing, professional CD pressing, full colour 12 page booklet


LAST HOPE Pink Bullets - Official Web Site

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