Moto Razr reboot images leak, and they seem kind of suspicious [Update: More pics!]

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    The inside screen in all its glory. Check out the curved display sides! Look at that notch! [credit: Evan Blass ]

Update 6:30pm ET: Evan Blass has dropped even more images of the new Razr on his private Twitter account (which you can see above), and these are much more revealing than the initially published images. We actually get clear views of the inner and outer screen now, which shows clearly that, yes, the inside of the phone houses one long, skinny, flexible display.
A notch at the top houses the earpiece and front-facing camera, and there's a complicated-looking hinge mechanism in the middle. The display looks unlike anything else on the market, with an absolutely wild curve happening on the top and bottom edges of the display. The aspect ratio is tall and skinny—it seems like it's way taller than 21:9, but the angled images make it hard to tell exactly. If we take a rough measurement of Motorola's patent drawings, which provide a front view, we get 23:9.
So far, this looks like a very faithful recreation of the original Razr phone, and if this new incarnation does really come to market, is that a good design? Is a tall, skinny screen really appropriate for Android, which was primarily designed for 16:9 devices? Will that bottom chin get in the way of navigation gestures or buttons, which in a modern smartphone now live at the very bottom of the screen?

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