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Instruction Manual


X: accelerate
Triangle: turbo boost
O: magnetic grapple
square: brake
D-pad left/right: turn left, right
d-pad up/down: lean forward/back
L1/R1 + D-pad left/right: sharp turn left/right
L2/R2: roll left/right
START: pause
SELECT: switch race view-1st person, 3rd person


The main menu offers the following four options. To select and option,
D-pad left/right to highlight, and then press x.

pick up controller one and get ready to hold your own in the mayhen of a 10
rider game.

both controllers are activated so you and a friend can go up against each
other on a split screen. Note: once you enter the game, you can choose
between a vertical split screen and a horizontal split screen by pausing the
race and selection toggle split screen. some tracks favor the vertical
split view and some favour the horizontal (I personally like horizontal)

THe load game screen displays all the saved seasons and custom circuits
seasons and tournaments can only be saved in between races, not mid-race.
for instructions on saving seasons and tournaments.
* to load a saved game, D-pad to highlight the desired game, then X.

the options allows you to customize the game to suit your preferences and
skill level.

The four difficulty levels tell you how good the other riders are. when
continuing season, the game automatically increases the difficulty level as
new tracks are unlocked. when racing in novice or amateur, you'll have to
qualify on all the previoslu completed tracks at the new level in order to
proceed to newer tracks.

Run anything from two-lap sprints to six-lap endurance runs.

If you wish to disable the turbo booster on all the biks, turn this option

If you wish to turn the magnetic grapple on all the bikes, turn this option

HUD stands for "Heads Up Display" which is the panel of the bike that
housed the meters and indicator. If you want to remove the HUD from the
screen, turn this option OFF.

When the handicapping is on, the 2nd place rider never falls very far behind
the 1st place rider. You'll always have a chance of catching up if you're
in second place.

The Jet Moto circut consists of 10 different riders from 5 teams. Each rider
has his or her own bike with it's own special attributes. You can read
about each rider and bike in the informative descriptions presented in the
Rider Bio area. These descriptions give you a good idea of what to expect
when you select that rider and bike.
* to view rider bios press the circle button
Three attrubute bars offer a graphic analysis of the three performance

The weight of the bike affects it's handling. The lighter the bikes are
generally a little more agile and jumpy while the heavier bikes are more
stable and require a prwer-slide mentality. The heavier bikes are less
likely to throw you when you get rammed by another rider or run into an
obstacle. Also the heavier bikes can more easily unseat or otherwise knock
other riders off course when you collide with them.

The maximum speed of a bike is important on the longer and straighter
tracks, tracks with alot of curece don't take advantage of bikes with great
top speed.

Acceleration is rated from standing start to top speed. However, a bike's
weight may result in some unexpected advantages and weaknesses. Some bikes
may have great jump off the line with no mid-range, others may start slow
but really hop to top speed in a short time. Don't be afraid to experiment
with different bikes.

The four different options explained below offer a wide variety of race
formats with which to develop and test your prowess as a jet moto stud.

The only way to unlock the next set of tracks is to complete a full season
in first place. With lots of practise this becomes very easy.

The custome circut offers two different racing formats: Rally amd
Championship. The rules for each format are dexcribed on the screen. Before
you start you need to select the order of the tracks, each one can only be
used once.
*Press start to exit the circut screen
IMPORTANT: you need to save the winning season and return to the main menu
to open the new tracks. If you don't the tracks won't be available.

a single track is just that...a one-time competition for nothing but
bragging rights.

In practice mode, you're on a solo run against the clock. You can select
any of the tracks that you've earned so far. Make sure to load a saved
season so that you can make those tracks available.

Select save game and the end of a race then highlight Empty Slot. Enter the
name you wish to save it as and hit start.

Jet Moto offers 9 different tracks and 1 bonus track. Each track is
different and challenging.
*Green Circle: easiest
*Blue square: intermediate
*Black Diamond: hardest.

To choose a track, D-Pad left/right to spin the wheel so that the desired
track appears at the top of the wheel.then Hit X

Checkpoint Information
When you pass through a checkpoint, you'll see your posistion in the race
and the time that separates you from the leader.
NOTE: if you fall off the track you'll return to the last checkpoint and
resume the race.

turn: left/right to steer

Accelerate: X, don't forget to back off the accelleration when rounding

Brake: brakes work on either land, water, ice and air. To minimixe hang time
in the air, hit the brake.

Turbo: You start the race with a full tank of trube fuel, and each time you
complete a lap the tank is refilled. you can use the turbo whenever you like
and as many times as you like, until the gauge is empty.

Magnetic Grapple: some turns offer a purple energy pole that allows you to
activate the magnetic grapple and swing around the pole and turn without
loseing much speed.(It can pass through solid object and other riders.
If you're in the range of the grapple pole, and you hit the grapple button
it will swing you around the pole, but if you're too close to the pole, it
will swing you around too fast and you'll probably hit a wall or a barrier.

Lean Forward/Back: leaning forward lowers your wind-resistance an offers a
little extra speed and extra stability. If you over use lean, you might not
be able to take air when it's time to take air. leaning back transfers
your weight to the rear of the bikeand gives you a better lift of bumps and
jumps but reduces your overall stability.

Sharp Turn: (L1/R1) work in conjunction with the d-pad left/right. When you
execute a sharp turn, the bike leans way down so you can really crank a
turn. this slows the bike down don't overuse it because you will go in

Roll: The roll manuver is basically for stunts in the air, and for doging
other riders, to roll your bike, use the R2 and L2 buttons and your bike
will lean in that direction.

Mid-Air Stunts: these bring applause to the crowd when you're in stunt mode
(after you've won a full season with all the tracks at the professional
level. Performing mid-air stunts will give you extra turbo juice for use
during the race.

when riders complete specific events , they earn trophies that will be
displayed in their Trophy case. A memory card is needed to save. The blank
spaces in the trophy case are trophies to yet be won.In addition, most
trophieshave a code attached to them that the player can activate in single
or head-to-head mode. Every trophy code is a secret and the player will
need to finish the game on all the difficulty settings with every race to
find all the trophies.

* JEt Moto 2 features True Physics Design. Almost anything you can think
of that works in real life will work in Jet Moto. The surfaces are all a
little different. In general the harder surfaces (like concrete) are faster
and softer surfaces (like water) are slower. The bikes suspentions' react
differently to each surface, influencing traction and grip.
The more experienced racers will learn that the shortest route is not always
the fastest one.
* Each bike has it's own special characteristics and some are more
distictive than others. In genersal the HEAVY BIKES are more likely more
stable and can travel more quickly over obstacles. Heavy bikes are better
for plowing through waves and bumps. THe best strategy for heavier bikes is
to take the corners wider than you normaly wouldd on the light bikes. Use
magnetic grapple to minimize hard turning.
* Light Bikes are more manuverable but are also more vunerable to
collision and ramming. they are good at going through tight obstacles and
the high acceleration shoots them out of corners. THey also respond better
to racers who know how to use the jumps to their advantage
* Magnetic Grappling is the single most important skill in Jet Moto. It's
all a question of guts. The closer you are to the post the faster you'll go
around it. If you release too late, you'll smash into a barrier. When
Magnetic grappling, start wide on the corners, get a feel for the range of
the post, and develop a knack for leting go at teh right time. Amateurs
often forget to turn withthte grapple. Experiment with different
orientations and release timew to maximise your speed. A good grapple
technique can send you out of the turn faster than your top speed, even
faster that a turbo boost.
* Use your weight to your advantage. If you gone to the trouble to learn a
heavy bike, use it, smash up those light bikes.
* RIders of light bikes do not necessarily have to fear bike-to-bike
contact. This is a true physics game, momentum is a product of both mass
and velocity. If you angle it right and you're going fast enough, you can
unseat the rider of a heavy bike with a much lighter bike
* Experiment with pulling back and leaning foward. By pulling back on the
nose you take more air off the jumps. THis is not only fun, but if you know
how to finesse it, you can even get a little extra speed out of it.
* Orient your bike in mid-air so that when you land your bike is
perpendicular to the racing surface, and facing the correct direction.
* Some tracks contain brief shortcuts through corners. Also there are
certain mid-air grapple turns that give you more that you'd have if you
stayed on the recing surface.
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