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Gallery movies​

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding movie in the gallery:

A Phantom Appears: Encounter a Kirin.
Akantor Ecology: Kill Akantor.
Anger And Calamity: Kill Crimson Fatalis.
Behold The Kut-Ku: Encounter Yian Kut-Ku.
Burning Rock: Successfully complete the "Volcano Gathering" quest.
Congalala Ecology: Encounter a Congalala.
Daiymo Hermitaur Ecology: Defeat Daiymo Hermitaur.
Deep Forest Illusion: Encounter Chameleos.
Desert Hunter: Encounter a Cephadrome.
Desert Tyrant: Encounter a Diablos.
Diablos Ecology: Encounter a Diablos.
Emperor Of Flame: Encounter Elder Village Teostra.
Empress Of Flame: Encounter a Lunastra.
Gravios Ecology: Encounter a Gravios.
Khezu Ecology: Kill Khezu.
Kushala Daora Ecology: Encounter a Kushala Daora.
Lao Shan Lung: Encounter Lao Shan Lung.
Lao Shan Lung!?: Encounter Shen Gaoren.
Legend of Flight: Kill Fatalis.
Light In The Dark: Encounter Khezu.
Location Of Eternity: Successfully complete the "Forest And Hills Gathering" quest.
One Horned Daiymo: Encounter Daiymo Hermitaur.
Plesioth Ecology: Defeat Plesioth.
Rathian Ecology: Encounter a Rathian.
Revived Queen's Battle: Encounter G-rank Lunastra.
Roar Of The Horn: Encounter Monoblos.
Roar Of The Wolf: Encounter Yian Garuga.
Rocky Mountain Dragon: Encounter Azure Lao-Shan Lung.
Shadow In The Tempest: Encounter a Kushala Daora at Jungle.
Silver World: Successfully complete the "Mountain Gathering" quest.
Steel In The Blizzard: Encounter Kushala Daora.
Sterling Hunter: Encounter a Giadrome.
The Ancestor: Encounter White Fatalis.
The Devil's Scythe: Encounter a Shogun Ceanataur in the four star "Elder" quest.
The Green Of The Land: Successfully complete the "Jungle Gathering" quest.
The Jungle Outlaw: Encounter a Congalala.
The Piscine Plesioth: Encounter Plesioth.
The Poison Gypceros: Encounter Gypceros.
The Raging Rajang: Encounter Elder Village Rajang.
The Raging Tigrex: Encounter a Tigrex in the five star "Elder Urgent" quest.
The Roaring King: Encounter a Bulldrome.
The Sly Hunter: Encounter a Velocidrome.
The Still Swamp: Enter the Swamp Area.
The Tower: Leave camp in the Tower Area.
The Tyrant Tigrex: Encounter a Tigrex.
The White Darkness: Encounter a Blangonga.
Tigrex Ecology: Encounter a Tigrex in the five star "Elder Urgent" quest.
Tyrannical Roar: Encounter an Akantor.
Volcanic Leader: Encounter a Gravios.
White Night Dune: Enter the Desert Area.

How and what are fertilisers​

Well some of you may be wondering 'what are these things called fertiliser and how do i get them?' well its simple. First of all the fertilizer is are called dung, or if your lucky you might get wyvern droppings. The easiest way of getting droppings is to go to forest & hills are and go into area 1, look in the patch of grey which looks like dirt and search it you will either get dung, wyvern droppings or ku-ku scale. the dung fill up the whole of one allotment in your farm from 1-3, the wyvern droppings fills up all of your allotment from 1-3, and the kut-ku scale is not a fertilizer but you can sell it or keep and make kut-ku armor when you have materials. You can find other places where u can search 4 these fertilizer spots all around different areas, if you know what it looks like then you can find loads of fertilizer and your harvest crops will be allot. Have fun farming!

How to slay the Yian Kut-Ku in the jungle​

To slay the Yian Kut-Ku bird you will need:

- Any type of light bow equiped with a zoom scope (and plenty of ammo)
- A few sonic bombs (maybe 2)
- A paintball
- Three psychoserums
- Potions and mega potions and a good type of armour

First use the psychserum to track the Yian Kut-Ku and run there as fast you can and use the paintball on it to keep track of it. Then climb up onto a high platform where it can't attack you and keep on shooting it. If there isn't a platform:

1. Wait somwhere else untill it moves to a more suitable area or...
2. Run around shooting it and when it charges at you press X to roll away and then shoot it again.

Method of beating a congalala​

Firstly, the things u must bring with u on a quest to beat one are:

* deodorant (about 5-6 of them if its ur first tym)
* psychoserum X3 to find it
* paintballs
* flash bombs will be helpful
* bring some potions and mega potions(mega potions opional)
* whetstones if u have got a blunt blade(with no green bar or better) thats about it.

This beat can get pretty frustrating to beat, i know, i almost broke my psp in two the first tym i faced this thing. when u first enter the quest, get to an area where there are lots of ways to get to different areas, then use ur psycoserum. quickly rush to that area then paint the congalala. the first thing i always do when i face an congalala, is to hit the tail a couple of tyms, therefore after a while the thing its tail is holding(i think its a piece of bark but may vary) will come off, u will know it came
off because the congalala will 'fly' 4ward an struggle 4 a bit. now here are two ways of finishing it off:

1) to slay the congalala, use the portable shock trap or any type of trap u want 2 catch it, then if u r using a great sword, quickly carge it up near to the congalala and let rip,then just hit a few tyms. when it gets out it wont be very happy, well u will know when its angry because its face and butt will be red, WATCH OUT HERE beacause it comes at u hard, i recommend 4 first tymers 2 w8 till it bcomes normal then just attack him how u lyk,and watch out 4 when it jumps in air, even if u do seem to dodge it, keep far away when its in the air beacaue if it lands near u u will b immobilised 4 a few seconds.

2)if u want 2 hunt the congalala,save ur traps till end, i dont really ltk to catch these as sometyms i misdudge an when i tranquilise em they dont sleep! well if u do want to capture them and get more rewards then just keep trying to hit the thing in the head a few tyms, when he jumps and lands he will b on floor about 3-4 seconds thats ur tym 2 attack hard! and
remember to WATCH OUT WHEN IT TURNS RED. u will know when its almost dead when it jumps to different areas. u can gamble it by using traps on it when it first moves area, or if u want to b on the safe side, w8 till its at its home place where it sleeps and w8 in the area b4 that so it has tym 2 fall asleep, go into the area an if its alssep use a trap right next to it, when it falls in, use the tranquiliser bombs, and hopefully it will sleep and there u go u caught it!!!

Prequel Bonus​

Start a new game with a saved game file from the original Monster Hunter Freedom on your memory stick to begin with some of the items you had in the Monster Hunter Freedom chest and bonus Zenny.

Quick Pokke Points​

There are two ways of getting Pokke Points, you could kill/slay monsters at the training arena, although this method is quite slow, you would bable to get the slayed monsters coin/s. The other method is if you go into the giuld,then go the far left of the room where you will find an old man, takl to him and choose one quest, my favourite quest is the forest and hills because I'm used to that area from MH1, if you choose that one then all you really need to do is go into area 1 then go up the ledge to the next area and kill the bulfango to make things easier, then search by the mushrooms to get a dragon stone or dragon stone+ if you are luck and go back to base to deliver it, this will get you the 2000 points you need but if you do this more then you will get more Pokke Points when you deliver the Pass ticket to end the quest.

Super fast pokke points​

In order to get fast pokke points, go to level 4 missions, go in the first mission (gathering quest), in area 6 in the floor you can fine "powderstone" each stone gives you 3000 pokke points there is maximum 3 powderstone's but for this you would nedd "power juice y coold drink's.

Tips on the legendary kirin​

A few things you should bare in mind when you first find the quest that the old lady represents to you:

1- You MUST do the quest or else the quest will b gone if u do another quest. So get equipment ready.

2- It might look pretty but it WILL try and kill you and will probably do that on your first attempt (you have 3 lives) it is aggressive.

3- When u try and hit it most of your attacks will not work (sparks will flare) u will hit it succesfully only when you hit it head on at its head/chest, since its quite a small unicorn. Note: the sparks count as a hit and does do SUM damage but not a lot.

4- It glows brightly at the start but you will now when its weak because its mane will not glow and it will try and run.

5- Try using a type of fire wep and good anti-elecric armour because it hits hard. Preferably a g-sword as it can block the kirin's charges. I first beat it with a ravager blade+ and full blango armour.

Hope this helps.

Unlock Gallery Movie Behold the Kut-Ku!​

Encounter a Yian Kut-Ku.

Unlock Gallery Movie Congalala Ecology​

Encounter a Congalala.

Unlock Gallery Movie Desert Hunter​

Encounter a Cephadrome.

Unlock Gallery Movie Light In The Dark​

Encounter a Khezu.

Unlock Gallery Movie Silver World​

Complete the "Mountain Gathering" Quest.

Unlock Gallery Movie Sterling Hunter​

Encounter a Giadrome.

Unlock Gallery Movie The Green of the Land​

Complete the "Jungle Gathering" Quest.

Unlock Gallery Movie The Jungle Outlaw​

Encounter a Congalala.

Unlock Gallery Movie The Roaring King​

Encounter a Bulldrome.

Unlock Gallery Movie The Sly Hunter​

Encounter a Velocidrome.

Unlock Gallery Movie The Tyrant Tigrex​

Encounter a Tigrex.

Unlock Gallery Movie White Night Dune​

Complete the "Desert Gathering" Quest.

You owning​

When you are in the online gathering hall with your buddy, and almost beating/slaying a monster turn your PSP to sleep mode meaning you have now lost connection with your buddy. Now you get the remaining rewards since you can kill it all by yourself now!
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