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    Monster Hunter Freedom 2

    Gallery movies Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding movie in the gallery: A Phantom Appears: Encounter a Kirin. Akantor Ecology: Kill Akantor. Anger And Calamity: Kill Crimson Fatalis. Behold The Kut-Ku: Encounter Yian Kut-Ku. Burning Rock: Successfully complete...
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    Arx Fatalis

    Cheat ModeTurn off the 'Arcade Magic' option if it is enabled. Press X to cast a spell, then enter one of the following series of runes. Enabling some codes may not allow the game to continue normally. Unlimited Hp Cast 'Mega', 'Mega', 'Mega', 'Mega', 'Mega', 'Kaom'. Character At Level...
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