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The Lone Ranger


How to play The Lone Ranger



Justice - western style

Back in the early days of the western frontier there was a law
enforcement agency known as the Texas Rangers. They were
headquartered in Abilene, Texas. The leader was a man by the name of
Dan Reid, and second-in-command was none other than Dan's son, John.
Their fighting forcers were trained strictly by the book, and every
action they took followed the letter of the law. Sometimes John got
into trouble with his father for following his youthful, independent
sense of justice, and he frequently bore the brunt of the leader's anger.

Around the same time, Butch Cavendish was in a gang of bank robbers
with his father. In a shoot-out with the Texas Rangers, Butch's father
fell victim to a Ranger bullet. Since that time, Butch held a terrible
grudge against the Rangers. One day Butch and his outlaw forces set
up an ambush to destroy the Texas Rangers.

As a result of the ambush, Dan Reid was fatally wounded, and the
Ranger forces were dealt a lethal blow. Butch and his gang rode off,
believing there were no survivors, but John Reid was still breathing.
An Indian named Tonto found John and cared for him until he regained
his strength.

Tonto became John's partner and protector - he taught the young man
about enemy deceptions, how to hide while approaching animals or
humans, how to fight bare-handed, and other Indian survival techniques.

John decided to put his new skills to work. The first order of business
was to fool Butch Cavendish into thinking John was dead. John had a
tomstone erected for himself next to the others who were victims of
the ambush. Then, taking the vest which his father wore when he was
killed, John made a mask, discarded all the rules he had adhered to as
a Texas Ranger, and set down his own law. He vowed to take revenge on
Cavendish and all the other outlaws. He became a masked rider - The Lone Ranger.

John, now The Lone Ranger, and Tonto have received news of Butch's
latest caper. The word is that Butch and his outlaws have kidnapped
the President of the United States. No one is sure what Butch will
demand for the President's safe return, but for The Lone Ranger,
any demand is beyond reason. Along with Tonto, The Lone Ranger
heads out on a quest to rescue the President and take personal
revenge on Butch Cavendish. Hi-yo, Silver!


Get Ready To Saddle Up

There are a few things you should know to begin the game:
- Insert the game cartridge into the game unit and press the POWER button.
- On the title screen, choose "Start" or "Password" with the SELECT button,
then press the START button to enter your choice.
- If you choose "Start", a screen appears asking you whether or not you want
to use the ZAPPER(tm) or Konami's LaserScope(tm), which works well with this
game. Press the control pad or SELECT button to choose, then the A button to
enter your choice. The opening narration will appear, after which the game

Keep Your Smoke Signals Straight (Using The Password)

If you select "Password" then the password entry screen appears. (As
you progress through the game, your faithful companion Tonto will
provide the passwords needed to bypass the areas which you have
successfully completed.) Use the control pad to move to the letters
in your password, then press the A button to enter your choice. To
back space, press the B button or use the arrows on the grid by
pressing the A button. When you are finished, move the cursor to
"OK" and press the A button. If the password is incorrect by even
one letter, the game will not begin.

About Your Mission, Kemosabe

You must ride through the western frontier, hot on the trail of your
archenemy, Butch Cavendish. Your mission will take you through
eight separate areas of the large map that Tonto has provided. In
each area, you will explore towns, caves, Indian reservations,
abandoned railroad cars and other areas of importance (and danger).
A special event takes place in each area, and you must solve the
problem or resolve the situation in order to progress. (In some
areas a special "Sheriff's Badge" will appear to reveal a secret
location when you have uncovered enough information.)


Gather Information Along The Way
Luckily, your faithful Indian companion, Tonto, will be nearby to
offer scouting reports. Listen to Tonto's reports and visit with the
townspeople. Sometimes citizens have nothing to report right away.
Don't hesitate to revisit a location to see if new information is available.

Dealing With The Townsfolk
There are a lot of outlaws roaming through the Old West. Just remember
that you are fighting for justice, and shooting innocent women is
frowned upon, not to mention hazardous to your health...

A View From The Top... And Side... And...
During your travels, the game will offer top-down views, 2 dimensional
horizontal scrolling screens, and simulated 3-D screens. Sometimes
you'll stroll through a town and talk to innocent bystanders, other
times you'll ride through the mountains trying to escape an Indian
ambush. You may even be searching a cave or building and get surrounded
by outlaws hurling knives and TNT at you. The controller, LaserScope
and Zapper work differently in each mode. The following guide will be
critical to your understanding of the game, and in helping you dodge bullets!

Seek Medical Attention Often
The Lone Ranger is human, not some superhero in tights and a cape. He
has one life, so take care of it. You'll find a doctor in many of the
towns who can patch you up (for a small fee, of course).

The Rewards Of Fighting Justice
When you gun down an enemy, you may see a coin, bullets, or a
heart appear. Touch these symbols to increase your wealth, ammunition
and health. If you are in a 3-D view, you have to shoot the symbols
to earn the bonus.


Control Yourself, Paleface

This game provides you with many views of the Lone Ranger's world.
There are some differences in how the controller works, depending
on which type of view you see on the screen.

The SELECT button is used to enter your choice on the "Continue/End"
screen, and to select your choice of weapons (fist, bullets, silver
bullets or dynamite). The START button is used to pause the game.

Large Overhead Map (4 directions)
Control Pad: Moves character in 4 directions
B button: Cancel dialogue lines
A button: Dialogue lines return during conversations with Tonto and others.

Top-down views: Towns, villages, etc.
Control Pad: Moves character and aims gun in 8 directions
B button: Shoot, punch, throw dynamite
A button: Pick up enemy's dynamite, start dialogue with townspeople

2-D Side View: Caves, buildings, etc.
Control Pad: Moves character (left/right)
B button: Shoot (except for straight down)
A button: Jump up (press simultaneously with down direction on the
control pad to descend)

3-D (controller only)
Control Pad: Moves character in 4 directions. To change directions when
fighting, hold in the shooting direction and press the A button; also
controls cursor movement for target shooting
B button: Shoot
A button: Only used during a fight - used with control pad to change

3-D (with Zapper or LaserScope)
Control Pad: Moves character in 4 directions (you cannot move forward when
shooting); use Zapper or LaserScope to shoot targets
B button: Not Active
A button: Not Active

Gunsmith Shop, Doctor, etc.
Control Pad: Cursor movement (up/down)
B button: Cancel
A button: Dialogue line advance; confirm entry


An overview of the Old West

[screen shot]

Enemy - These banditos and outlaws take many forms. The only thing you
can be sure of is that the ladies you meet aren't packing shootin' irons.
Anyone else is fair game.

Player - This is the Lone Ranger as you see him in the top-down and
2-D modes. (In the 3-D you don't see the Lone Ranger - you see the world
through his eyes!)

Life Gauge - The twelve bar meter will reflect your strength. When it
gets low, you'd better start looking for a doctor.

Money Level - Nothing's free in the Old West, even for The Lone Ranger.

Radar - In the 3-D mode this will flash red to warn you of enemy attacks.

Weapons - A symbol appears to show if you are using fists, standard
bullets, silver bullets or TNT. The number above indicates the quantity
you have left. A letter S, M or L next to the number indicates if your
gun is Short, Medium or Long range.

Gun Cylinder - this shows you how many bullets are left in the chamber.
Each cylinder holds six shots. Remember that you will fire a blank
before a new cylinder is loaded.

Compass - In 3-D indoor mode this will show which direction you are
facing. The letters E, W, N and S will appear as guides.


The Legendary Silver Bullet...

The Lone Ranger has three weapons at his disposal: fists, a gun, and dynamite
(TNT). When you start the game, you will have a short range pistol and a
supply of standard bullets, as well as some silver bullets. Here's a few
things to note before you get into a shoot-out with some ornery banditos:

- That's a six-shooter you're packing, and after firing six shots, you'll have
to reload. Therefore, every seventh shot is a blank, then you'll have a
fresh clip, if you have any left. The most you can have is 50 clips (300
shots) of standard bullets and 50 clips of silver bullets.

- Many of the towns you visit will have a Gunsmith's shop. There you can
purchase more bullets, or TNT. In some towns you may even buy a medium or
long range gun to improve your odds in a gunfight.

- The silver bullets cost more and they pack more punch. A standard bullet
stops at its target, but a silver bullet can pass clean through a victim and
keep on going.

- That TNT can be handy for getting rid of an enemy who's out of your line of
fire. Try tossing a stick of dynamite at a sniper behind a stack of crates -
he'll get a bang out of it. (You can carry ten sticks at a time, so use them
carefully, and restock your supply often.)

- Not only can you throw your own TNT, but you can pick up sticks that were
thrown at you. Press the A button to pick up dynamite and the B button to
throw it.

- Remember, you can't throw TNT or punch a bandit in the 3-D mode, so make
sure your bullet supply doesn't get too low.


White Hats and Black Hats

It might help to know who's on your side and what kind of help you
can earn along the way.

Lone Ranger
Friendly Townsperson

Charlie Potsko
This gol-danged varmint's one of the meanest bank robbers west of the Ol'
Miss. You'll meet him in area 3.

Juaquin Fingers
He and his cousins are very sharp. They'll see that you get the point of
their attacks. Watch for them everywhere!

Narapmino Indians
The warriors of this fierce and proud tribe have been deceived and
misled by many white men. They will treat you will if you first earn
their respect. You'll do that in area 5.

Cavendish's Cohorts
Butch's boys are packin' iron and they're not afraid to use it. You'll have
to rid the West of this scum before you save the President.

Health Bonus
Money Bonus
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