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    Dragon's Dogma 2 enemy id list

    These enemy ID's are for use with this mod: The only thing you need to change is where it says find("ch256001_") replace the number with the desired monster ID. Do not get rid of the ch or the underscore, just change the number. You don't...
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    whats the next DC game on your to-play list & why

    And by that I don't mean any puzzle,racing, shmup or fighting game that you can pick up anytime you want & play it for an hour or so, but a (big) game with an actual story that'll steal another few hour of your life without you knowing it :lol: I'm still playing Dragonriders: Chronicles Of...
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    White Label/Promos Games List

    You know, those white disks that come with no cover or booklet & that were sent to mags & stuff for testing & making reviews. If you own others than posted in the main topic, add em & I'll add em to the main topic. Here's what I managed to gather so far (not all mine, thx to Dreamcast â"¢ for...
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    Vertical Games List?

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a list of DC games that can be rotated to play vertically? Thanks!
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    List of Top Homebrew

    Which homebrew games do you recommend, I am creating a list for somethin. Thank you. So far, Bleep DC Stunt Racer SQRXZ 3D Invaders Super Mario War Doom
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    WOOT! Dreamcast PSO made a screw attack list!

    Click! Over a decade old and still kicking ass! Better than mario kart wii? Hell ya!
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    list of unreleased games for dreamcast that r 100% playable

    If anyone could help me out with a list of games that were completed but never released for dreamcast that are 100% playable it would be great thanks as I want to buy them.
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    Favorite Shmups list! (In order!!)

    There are certain Shmups on the DC that get a lot of attention and some for very good reason. I wanted to see what people ranked as their favorite shmups so I'm going to do a quick list of my favorites from favorite (1.) to least favorite and give a short description of why I thought certain...
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    full list of DC gun games

    Hey guys. I wanna know the names of every game that is compatible with the gun accessory. I just picked up the gun a few days ago and thought I might as well start collecting all the games that use it. Thanks.
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    240p Games on Dreamcast list

    I'm rocking S-Video and and the image from Gunlord is 240p and the scanlines are awesome, :D are there any other low rez games on the Dreamcast? Some I know: Gunlord Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Mars Matrix Fast Striker
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    Comprehensive list of US, PAL & JAP Controller variants?

    Hello there, Lately I've been researching about DC Controllers but I haven't been able to find a complete list with ALL colors and variats for each region. The closest to a complete list I've seen is on sega-retro, but I can tell that's incomplete: Dreamcast Controller Do you have any...
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    List of games that were originally in the arcade

    I've been trying to track down a list of DC games that were originally in the arcade, in any country really. I find it fun to play games that were in the arcade at some point because I try to replicate the experience at my home in my mind while playing LOL. Now that I think of it, I have one...
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    List of all Dreamcast magazines from all over the world

    I've never found a complete list with all the issues of the Dreamcast-only magazines that were published back in the day, so I thought about starting one. I'm thinking of listing all the issues from all the countries, with release dates and stating if they came with a promo GD-ROM or any...
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    List of Games with Region SpecifcFeatures

    Wanted to create a list of games, where specific region editions of the game, have in game features, that other region counterparts do not have'. This list can also include games that are of the same region, but the limited edition versions have different in game features. I hope this will be...
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    The pal european dreamcast games list project

    Hi everybody ! New comer here, but seen a couple of members I know from other boards :) After many years, I finally found the will to compile a list of all european dreamcast games releases to update ' database. Such a list actually existed in the past, on a dedicated...
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    List of bad games for dreamcast.

    Hello, a list of bad games maybe will good to some nerds review them... List: Spirit of Spped 1937 Taxi 2 Le Jeu (PAL, Not confused with Crazy Taxi 2) The first of the list:
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    List of DC Red-Book Audio Games

    Does anyone have a list of Dreamcast games that use Red Book (CD audio) music? Like, all the games that have the tracks as music you can play in a hi-fi?
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    Official Dreamcast NTSC-U Unreleased List

    Hi all! Any help would be greatly appreciated! I would like to know the exact licensed NTSC-U games that were completed but never officially saw a release during the Dreamcast's lifespan. Anyone have an up to date accurate list? Regards, Alex
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    Dreamcast VGA TV Compatibility List

    So I thought it would be useful to have a list of modern TVs or monitors that work (or don't work) with Dreamcast VGA boxes and cables natively, without the use of a VGA-to-??? converter. This will help people that are shopping for a new TV or are troubleshooting a new VGA cable/box and need to...
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    Any Other Games That I Should Write Down In My Dreamcast Games List?

    Over time, I have looked at the many games in the Dreamcast library, however, I want to know if there are any other average, decent, good, or great games I must put down on my list before I get my collection started off? 1. Death Crimson OX 2. Illbleed 3. Blue Stinger 4. Carrier 5. Resident Evil...
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