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Amy Rose in sound test​

To get amy rose in the sound test screen go to the colour test screen and set the top three numbers to 00 00 00 then the next 3 numbers to 06 0b 11 and the net 3 to 00 08 and 17 leave the rest press start and amy will be on the sound test screen.

Fast chaos rings​

Start a new game and use the "Manual Save" feature. Play the special stage of the level and exit at the world entrance after winning. Reset the Genesis if you lose the special stage. Your loss will not register, allowing all five chaos rings to be collected after only five levels.

Song control​

Press X or Y at the sound test screen to toggle stereo mode and adjust the speed of the music.

Wireframe stage​

Successfully complete all the special stages and collect all the Chaos rings. The first special stage in wireframe mode will appear. Successfully complete for a huge amount of bonus points.
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