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    Knuckles Chaotix

    Amy Rose in sound testTo get amy rose in the sound test screen go to the colour test screen and set the top three numbers to 00 00 00 then the next 3 numbers to 06 0b 11 and the net 3 to 00 08 and 17 leave the rest press start and amy will be on the sound test screen.
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    Knuckles' Chaotix (Japan, USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top You Only Have To Have 1 Ring To Access The Special Stages At The End of Levels (You Normally Need 50 Rings) Tony Hedstrom AEYA-CAG2 AEDA-CADJ AEET-CABA You normally need 50 rings. Top Infinite Time Tony Hedstrom AL2A-EA68 Top Infinite Time/Your Ring...
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    Sonic & Knuckles Collection

    Getting Rings on the special modeMinimize the screen(It should already be minimized when the game coms on.)then go up to game and click on the Special Mode. After you do that, Play with any charector(there should olny be two)and go to the first set of Blue spheres(When the stage is on)then...
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    Sonic and Knuckles

    CODES 1 THRU 10 ARE ONLY FOR THE SONIC & KNUCKLES GAME ALONE 1 AFKT-AAG0 Start with 1 life instead of 3 2 AKKT-AAG0 Start with 2 lives 3 AVKT-AAG0 Start with 4 lives 4 AZKT-AAG0 Start with 5 lives 5 A7KT-AAG0 Start with 7 lives 6...
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    Sonic & Knuckles Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Blue Knuckles Enable the Level select and Debug mode codes with Sonic 3 locked-on. As Sonic, go to Sky Sanctuary Zone Act 2(this is where Knuckles plays it). Turn into the Item box and place some on the screen. Beat Metal Sonic with hyper on. You will see a Blue Knuckles in the ending.
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