Karaoke Revolution Party (NTSC-U)

Playstation 2 Pro Action Replay codes, Gameshark codes & Game genie codes.

final kaoss

Staff member
TopCrowd Always HappyCode MasterCB78570B910 DB439353
47935A9D A96DF75E
TopHave All 50 Songs CompletedCode MasterCB798F2C030 CC83734F
TopHella Quick Score GainCode MasterCB7A351850D 32C42D03
TopInfinite Total PointsCode MasterCB70DC58B31 8BB03F73
TopMax Total PointsCode MasterCB7927FBB0E 75D789AD
TopQuick Max ScoreCode MasterCB746D9076E DD680D57
4C8D593A AC3B7206
TopQuick Score GainCode MasterCB7953C5648 5162994A
TopSuper Quick Score GainCode MasterCB7D4420EC0 3247EF9E
TopUnlock EverythingCode MasterCB7E466569B 33111172
56EF75AC CE526419
729526CC 24C3129C
3CB0831E 298D2B10
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