Karaoke Revolution (NTSC-U)

Playstation 2 Pro Action Replay codes, Gameshark codes & Game genie codes.

final kaoss

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TopCode Breaker Version 6+ Enable Code (Must Be On)Code Master, tabCB19A7456EF 18A2D502
TopCrowd Always HappyCode Master, tabCB12AC33493 3C013F80
2A7B3473 3C013F80
2A673473 44810800
TopHella Quick Score GainCode Master, tabCB12AD7347D 24677FFF
TopQuick Max ScoreCode Master, tabCB12AEF347D 3C0705F5
2AD7347D 34E7E0FF
TopQuick Score GainCode Master, tabCB12AD7347D 246703E7
TopSuper Quick Score GainCode Master, tabCB12AD7347D 2467270F
TopUnlock EverythingCode Master, tabCB12A4729A4 FFFFFFFF
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