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Eve was tempted to eat this fruit?

Animal Actors

Ronald Reagan can never quite shake this monkey off his back.

Born in a World War 1 trench, this German Shepherd was voted most popular performer of 1926.
Rin Tin Tin

P.T. Barnum's prized pachyderm.

Calling all *car*s

He-e-e-e-e-e-re's the tonight show host.
Johnny Carson

A smooth, chewy candy made with sugar, butter, cream and flavoring.

They're formed to control marketing and create monopolies.

3 Letter Words

What a batter or a Broadway musical wants to be.

Jazz musicians play improvistionally at this informal *session*.

Part of an ear of corn, or a male swan.

A movie that it filmed, edited and ready for release is said to be *in* this.

Fine dining

French dessert that sounds like the largest member of the deer family.

Pigs sniff out this delicacy in Europe.

From French *to jump* it means to fry in very little fat.

Tomato gelatin mold used as a garnish.


Color of the maple leaf on the Canadian flag.

It means *New Scotland*.
Nova Scotio

It's the capital of Canada.

It's the Eastern most province of Canada.

Site of the 1988 Winter Olympics.

4 Letter Words

A twist in a rope or a muscle stiffness in the neck.

What Zorrok Halloween, and Lone Ranger have in common.

Globular medicinal substance, or a disagreeable person.

It proceeds *cloth* and follows *tender* and *sir*.

Sound of locomotive or with *-a-lug*to drink in one lift of glass.


Coach John Wooden led this school's record-breaking winning streak in basketball.

Founded as new town college in 1636, its Alumni included John F. Kennedy.

Connecticut ivy league college whose football team is called the bulldogs.

This Durham, N.C. University takes psychic research seriously.

Women first attended this Indiana school, run by the Holy Cross congregation, in 1972.
Notre Dame

The Funnies

LI'L Abner's hometown.

Disney Dog who is Mickey Mouses best friend not the one who's his pet.

Fritz Ritz is her aunt, Sluggo, her boyfriend.

Day of week wimpy would *gladly pay you for a hamburger today*.

His servants include punjab and the asp.
Daddy Warbucks

Classical Music

Term for a set of kettledrums used in an orchestra.

Polish-born composer called *the greatest composer of music for the pianoforte.
Frederick Chopin

One of the fathers of classical music, he also fathered 20 children.
Johann Bach

Type of horn with a long coiled tube, a conical bore and a flaring bell.
French Horn

The French title of this ballet is * le lac des cygnes*.
Swan Lake

Phil it up

He is the duke of Edinburgh.
Prince Philip

He played a convicting television sergeant named Bilko.
Phil Silvers

He's Marlo Thamas' husband.
Phil Donahue

It is the only country with a Christian majority in the far east.

Henry Ford, J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie qualify for this goodwill title.


This compound comes in Methyl, Ethyl, and rubbing varieties.

He presented his*special theory of relativity* for the first time in 1905.
Albert Einstein

The scientific field of Copernicus, Ptolemy and Sagan.

He proved that bacteria caused fermentation and can make milk sour.

This barrier protecting Earth from sun's ultra violet rays is said to be harmed by fluorocarbons.

Women of the movies

The fifties top sex symbol, she was playboy's first centerfold.
Marilyn Monroe

This super comic's directing debut failed the *rabbit test*.
Joan Rivers

This diminutive actress won a best supporting Oscar by playing a male.
Linda Hunt

Film critic for the New Yorker, she's spent *5001 nights at the movies*.
Pauline Kael


He is presented as a blindfolded, winged boy carrying bow and arrows.

Distinguishing feature shared by Yul Brenner, Isaac Hayes, and Telly Savalas.

It built a reputation as the uncola.
Seven up

Metal symbolic of 25th wedding anniversary.

3 Somes

Three words preceding *the mouse ran up the clock*.
Hickory, Dickory, Dock

These sisters sang *boogie woogie bugle boy of company B*.
Andrews sisters

Noisy elves of breakfast cereal notoriety.
Snap, Crackle, and Pop

Red, yellow, and blue.
Primary colors

Barry, Robin, and Maurice.
Bee Gees

Starts with D

From the Greek meaning *terrible lizard*.

Golfers are admonished to replace these pieces of gouged out turf.

A ranch, a fop, or a city slicker.

The Layman who helps the minister in church matters.

The medical condition that is the opposite of Hypoglycemia.

Little Ones

They're made of *snips and snails and puppy dog tails*.
Little boys

In the comics she's tubby's girlfriend.
Little Lulu

The rock 'n' roller who sang *Tuttifruitti* and *Good Golly, Miss Molly*.
Little Richard

Her dancing scandalized visitors to the 1893 Chicago world's fair.
Little Egypt

Richard Byrd established this Antarctic base in 1929.
Little America

Colorful songs

Tie it round the old oaks tree for Tony Orlando.
Yellow Ribbon

A 1960's hit by the rolling stones said to "Paint it" this color.

"Color by numbers" is a hit album for this colorful British band.
Culture Club

He comes Bob-Bob-Bobbin along.
Red Red Robin

Best country song of 1968, it states,"It don't rain in Indianapolis in the summertime".
Little Green Apples

French Phrases

Associated with ice cream, it is French for "according to the fashion".
A la mode

Its the day contained in "Mardi Gras".

This French exclamation means "behold".

"Coup de grace", it would be appropriate on the 18th green.
Finishing Stroke

French for "Blue ribbon" it refers to a cook of the highest excellence.
Cordon Bleu

South America

This river is second in length only to the Nile.

4,500 mile long mountain range that spans the western side of the continent.

Pele played for this country's Santos soccer team.

The Westernmost country on the South American continent.

3 Letter Names

The name for an unopened flower or half of Abbott and Costello.

After *blue* its a bird, before *walk*, its a pedestrian violation.

The visible part of an iceberg, or former house speaker O'neil.

This girls name could be a clinging vine or a poisonous plant.

Latin for *King* it comes before *reed* and after *Oedipus*.

Winter Sports

Country which hosted the 1984 winter Olympics.

This country invented roller skating as a warm weather substitute for Hans Brinker's sport.

This ski course is defined by pairs of flags through which contestants ski.

Olympic sledding event in which participants travel feet forward on their backs.

Champion trophy of NHL.
Stanley Cup


Lincoln was assassinated while watching *Our America Cousin* at this theater.
Ford Theater

The adventures of a swindling trombone salesman named Harold Hill.
Music Man

Brando rose to fame shouting her name in *a streetcar named desire*.

Dustin Hoffman returned to Broadway in this Arthur Miller tragedy.
Death of a Salesman

City whose *Broadway* is called the west end.

In the Garden

Easter, water and tiger.

The sled in the movie *citizen Kane*.

Turkish for *Turbane* these flowers originated in Asia, not Holland.

The golden poppy is the official state flower of this, the *Golden State*.

When the sides of its blossoms are pressed two of its lips open like Jaws.

What's New

In the Proverb, this *Sweeps clean*.
New Broom

Capital of India or a place to buy very fresh chopped liver.
New Delhi

Cover boy of Mad Magazine.
Alfred E. Neuman

Bob Eubanks took delight in causing marital spats on this TV show.
Newlywed game

A sauce of cream,sherry, butter and egg yolk, often served on lobster.


The title given the superintendent of a post office.

One who has full membership in a state or nation.

Its so named because it compromises a greater number than an ordinary jury.
Grand Jury

One who gives up citizenship in one country for allegiance to another.

4 Letter Words

In the Proverb, half of this is better than none.

Armor-breaking club, tear gas or a spice from outer covering of nutmeg.

To blow in short gusts or the magic dragon.

A carnival performer who bites the heads off live chickens.

From Scottish for *old cow* smallest of a litter.

Man's best friend

This tiny, short-haired dog is originally from Meico.

Eskimo dogs belong to Lupine group, cause they've been mated with these.

At 1 time, only a Chinese of royal blood could own these.

The only dog that's native to Australia.

A long-haired breed of Wolf hound, its name is Russian for *swift*.

Fishy Names

Debbie Reynold's daughter, she stars in *star wars*.
Carrie Fisher

He played *Hutch* in the series *Starsky and Hutch*.
David Soul

She sang several James Bond Themes including *Goldfinger*.
Shirley Bassey

They were the 1973 and 1974 Super Bowl champions.
Miami Dolphins

General Hospital's famous star-crossed lovers.
Who are Luke and Laura.

Number of agent 86's partner on TV's get smart.
What is agent 99.

Numerous young adults who were born right after World War 2.
What are baby boomers?

He is the tallest sesame street character.
Who is Big Bird?

Bette Davis played this demented former child star who terrorized her sister.
Who is Baby Jane?

Recent Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller Braodway hit.
What is Sugar Babies?

The Jolly Swagman wanted to waltz with her.
Who is Mathilda?

Australia's bushcountry interior, its not in front.
What is the outback?

Brother detectives who operate from San Diego.
Who are Simon and Simon?

The flying squirrel and his moose friend of cartoons.
Who are Rocky and Bullwinkle?

TV networks proud trademark.
What is the Peacock?

Plant of banana family with brilliant orange and blue flowers.
What is the Bird of Paradise?

The ancient mariner had this bad luck bird hung about his neck.
What is the Albotross?

Randy Newman loves this southern Californian city.
What is L.A.?

Since copper was scarce, in 1943, pennies were made out of this metal and coated with zinc.
What is Steel?

Chicago's East side is actually this large body of water.
What is Lake Michigan?

By 1950, he was already TV's Mr. Tuesday Night.
Who is Milton Berle?

On July, 1950, this war began.
What is the Korean War?

In 1950, this child star of the 30's married Charles Black.
Who is Shirley Temple?

She was Argentina's first lady.
Who is Eva Peron?

Wisconsin senator on a "Red" manhunt.
Who is Sen. Joseph McCarthy?

Night and condition where one found Gilda Radner and Laraine Newman in '75.
What is Saturday Night Live?

Wolfman Jack was the announcer on this late night rock show.
What is the Midnight Special?

He was the first host of the tonight show.
Who is Steve Allen?

In '69, ABC replaced Joey Bishop with him to try to dent Carson's ratings.
Who is Dick Cavett?

Most Mayan temples are found in this country.
What is Mexico?

His "the descent of man" stirred strong anti-evolutionarily sentiment in Victorian England.
Who is Charles Darwin?

He was the man of the Stone Age.
Who is Neanderthal.

The most widely used method of dating organic remains measures the isotope of this element.
What is Carbon?

Metal Age, which followed the Stone Age.
What is the Bronze Age?

Nimbus, cumulus, and cirrus, for example.
What are clouds?

Zone formed when a cold air mass meets a warm air mass.
What is a front?

It's caused by reflection and refraction of sun's rays on water droplets.
What is a rainbow?

Every day about 1600 of these are launched.
What are weather balloons?

On a weather map they connect areas with the same pressure.
What are isobars?

Detroit tackle now father to TV's Webster.
Who is Alex Karras?

Transplanted winners of Super Bowl 18.
Who are the LA Raiders?

Collective name of Notre Dame's Sthuhldreher, Crowley, Miller and Layden.
Who are the 4 horsemen?

Location of Ref's hands on an offside signal.
What is on his hips?

Length difference, in yards, between American and Canadian fields.
What is 10?

Pattie, Maxine and Laverne.
What are the Andrews sister?

The "old-stick-in-the-mud tattooed on Popeye's arm.
What is an anchor?

It's what makes Mickey Mouse move.
What is animation?

A landslide of snow.
What is an avalanche?

A shaggy hound or a wooly blanket.
What is an Afghan?

What is 1912?
The year the Titanic hit an iceberg and sunk.

In the category, "Doctor Too" the answer is always Doctor Too.

He asks "Why won't you be my neighbor?"
Who is Mr. Rogers?

This German word expresses the passion for travelling.
What is wanderlust?

Who is the hero who interacts with Ancient Greek mythology?
Kid Icarus.

Who did you have to kill in the Dragon Warrior series?
The Dragon Lord.

This mammal has the longest life span

Name the player who scored 100 points in an NBA game.
Wilt Chamberlin

This square game was released instead of Final Fantasy 2 in 1989.
What is King's Knight?
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