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Title word preceding "ambersons", "obsession" and "seven"

Mel Brook's bright idea for Max & the chief
Get smart

Lindsay Wagner's highly artificial female
The bionic woman

Alabama's capitol & the original capitol of the Confederacy?

General Macarthur was born in this Arkansas city in 1808.
Little Rock

The building blocks of proteins.

Elvis' appropriate 1st movie after leaving the army.
G.I. Blues

From 1948-1958 his program showcased over 100,000 performers
Ed Sullivan (not sure how to spell his last name)

The series on which Chad Everett worked as Joe Ganon
Medical center

The study of relationships of living things to each other & their environment

Located in Kansas this "Gunsmoke" town is a symbol of the wild west
Dodge City

She played the mother in "Big Valley"
Barbara Stanwick

The mightiest Greek warrior after Achilles Colgate now cleans up using his name.

This river basin's jungle provides 1/5 of earth's oxygen.

Wham was the first rock group ever to perform in this Asian capitol?

This steamy 1981 film with William didn't "Hurt" Kathleen Turners career.
Body Heat

Proverb advises to "strike" at this time.
When the iron is hot.

Southeast Asian road, A.K.A. Stillwell road., that was the back door to china in World War 2.
Burma road

Silverwhite metal found in chalk, gypsum, & wonderbread.

Sea nymph with whom odysseus spent 7 years or the folk music of trinidad.

Though unsafe and taken off the market this troubled rear engined chevy is now a hot collectors item.

Circuses use blowtorches to burn off this animals hair so it wont scratch performers.

He and Daedalus escaped from prison by flying.

Soft malleable metal superman can't see through.

Of the current penny nickel & dime the one which contains the most copper.

The direction in which odd numbered highways usually run north.

Where Martin Milner & George Maharis got their kicks.
Route 66

In common table salt this is the metal.

What makes a turnpike different from a freeway?

In 1964 this South Sarolina senator switched from democrat to republican.
Storm Thurmond
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