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I have the "Echelon Sega Smash Pack Emu CD" aka DC SegaGen v1 Emu by Echelon with 3000 games/roms/bins from 2001 and it still works great, how can I just put 25 roms (my fav genesis games) in rom folder and create a iso cd of Echelon so it plays in my dc ?

Do I erase the 3000 games out of ROM folder, add just 25 I like in that folder, and burn ALL pgrm text bin etc files I see as a iso in Disc Juggler 6 ? When I open my cd drive I see these bin, text, weird files but I can't just burn a data cd with my new rom folder because it won't play in my dc, I tried 3 times. Do i do it in Disc Juggler ?

Meaning, I copy all the Echelon CD emu files on my desktop, erase the 3000 games of "rom folder", then put in my favorite 25 bin/roms in "rom folder", burn to cd, then make that cd a iso in DJ6 ? Or is there a way to do it just by making iso in DJ first ?

Hope I'm explaining this right.

I actually have all the emus for dc to play genesis, and all of them have bad sound so I'm happy with the Echelon SSP version but how do I add just my fav 25 games in ROM folder then burn to play to WORK on dc ?

Can anyone please explain it to me or post a link with new version of emu with just the 25 bin games in echelon genesis emu ?

Again, after I erase the 3000 (or whatever amount, I don't like most of them anyway and scrolling through that long bin/rom list on my dreamcast is horrible !) games and just add 25, how do I turn this into something that I can play on my dc ? :

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