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    My custom Dreamcast I also have some custom NES's for auction. Thanks.
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    Dreamcast Custom Covers

    Now I know this is more of a request then anything but if anyone has some massive skills to use paint or whatever to make some custom covers, would you mind to make one for Capcom Fighting collection, you know the one that has a bunch of the games with a bunch of extras. those type of homebrew...
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    A new custom PSO Disk

    For awhile i have tought about this and thanks to elements created by gallade, kra and smith i am going to have a very custom PSO Disk. Features will be: File swap so that ultimate ending pictures are no longer red ring rico but the uraending instead, i always wanted to atually see these...
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    Custom Phantasy Star Disc

    Hello. I tried making a custom Phantasy Star disc, I got everything setup. But then I found out that boot dreams doesn't support commercial games (Katanna Binaries). Is there a program that does, I couldn't find one but maybe someone here with more experience could shed some light on it? Or...
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    How to make custom DC Genesis Echelon Emu

    I have the "Echelon Sega Smash Pack Emu CD" aka DC SegaGen v1 Emu by Echelon with 3000 games/roms/bins from 2001 and it still works great, how can I just put 25 roms (my fav genesis games) in rom folder and create a iso cd of Echelon so it plays in my dc ? Do I erase the 3000 games out of ROM...
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    spinksy's custom Dreamcasts.

    Decided to do my own thread for my custom wrapped dreamcasts. Shenmue one as we saw in other thread Jet Set Radio Dreamcast (placed it on top of other console as this was just a spare DC lid I found) Skies of Arcadia Dreamcast :D And altogether I'm thinking of making few more next...
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    Pics of cool custom dreamcasts

    Feel free to add to the thread.
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    custom dreamcast paint job

    got kinda borred this weekend and decided to customtize my dreamcast. comes with matching controller :) i also changed the LED to yellow but in the pics i took the flash drowned out the LED :(
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    How To: Create a Custom VMU Icon

    Tutorial: How to create custom icons for your VMU Purpose: To change the icon that is displayed on your VMU in the BIOS menu for the Dreamcast. The default icons are very simple and in black and white only. Some games like Puyo Pyuo Fever and various Capcom games would put a more elaborate icon...
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    New Custom BIOS removes VGA check.

    So, I ran across this Dreamcast Dev called japanese-cake the other day and he seems to have a couple of pretty cool projects going on. However what really intrigued me was his work on developing a custom bios. The custom bios is the standard fare with Devkit intro and region free but it also had...
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    Custom PlanetWeb Browser

    Was wondering if anyone has made a GDI rip of the final version of this web browser, the only versions out there have issues that constantly make it crash and almost unusable (Even dans - Login) No GDI rip exists anywhere on the internet, not even in this big collection...
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    Custom Robo V2 (Japan)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top All Equipment Registered zoinkity 50001402 0000 810F40D8 FFFF Top All Equipment Unhighlighted zoinkity 50001402 0000 810F4100 FFFF Top All Equipment Unlocked zoinkity 50001402 0000 810F40B0 FFFF Top All Multiplayer Stages (Except Final 3 - You Get...
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    Can/should i get a custom firmware?

    I dug out my old psp and wondered whats the benefits/drawbacks (if any) or installing a custom firmware. Also if someone can give me a quick guide/link me to a good one that would be great :). I dont wanna mess up my PSP >.<. Its currently Version 2.8(ish) but i have the 6.37 update ready to...
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    3.73 To Custom Question

    I had Pandorad M33 on old PSP which was made with some neat tool I found but I cannot track it down anymore. Now, I have only one PSP Fat remaining on version 3.73 without Pandora, turned on 2 years after. I was trying to figure out what do all these latest versions and firmwares and what that...
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    Forgot how to install custom firmware!

    Ok.. I was very informed about the psp hacks 2.5 years ago but I moved out to go to college and I thought I lost my PSP... I found it yesterday cleaning my closet... I completely forgot how to upgrade/downgrade but I still rember the basics such as converting PSX games to .CSO and adding...
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    Need Custom firmware on psp 1000

    Just pulled out my psp and starting searching up stuff about and i want to get a custom firmware on it its a PSP Phat at version 5.03 I'm a complete noob and read upon ChickHen but dont know if its for me HELP! -Moved to PSP Help- If you need help, post in the PSP Help forum - Administrator
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    How do i custom firmware my psp 3000???

    Hi there im new to this forum and have a psp 3000 model and want to hack my psp and have no idea how to do this ive search the net and cant find anything for my model. If somebody can plz help that would be great thanks azz
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    All Custom Firmware types?

    Ok, so I am very confused and not understanding clearly what the differences are between m33, HEN, ME, and all the other ones. I'm hoping to make this clear for me, if someone can post me pros and cons of each and then give their own opinion like which they use and why they use it will be great...
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    help what should i use to upgrade to custom firmware.

    greetings! i'm having a tough time figuring which version should i use.... really confusing n a noob...i have psp phat 3.90 m33-2 n the board has c1003... which one should i use to have 6.xx m-xx? i'm really confuse with the numbers. thanks!
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    Question about the new 6.x Custom Firmwares

    I haven't touched my PSP in a while now since the fall that got its processor loose, but recently i took it out to play with it a bit, and i read theres now 6.x CFW that uses Official 6.x firmwares, or something like that. I'm still using 5.50 GEN-B, and i was wondering if i should upgrade...
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