Happy 25th Birthday, Sonic!

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Jeez, I feel old.

So, it's the 25th anniversary of the Sonic franchise. Wow. That's quite a feat. A lot of game characters came and went in the same decade, but Sonic somehow managed to stay alive through the generations and give us many great gaming experiences thorughout each one.

As for me, my first Sonc game was Sonic: Classic Collection for the Nintendo DS. One I figured out how to start the games, I was immediately hooked. Everywhere I went I took my DS and Sonic with me. I beat every game on the compilation, each with all Chaos Emeralds, and when I got bored, I looked up cheat codes on the Internet and did all sorts of crazy stuff with the games. I eventually went authentic and got a Genesis with Sonic 2, and a Dreamcast, annd eventually got Sonic Adventure for it, as well. I had a blast with both. I stayed up all night until 6 in the morning completing Sonic's story and Crazy Taxi. Very good times.

But ever since, the blue hedgehog is living in hard times, where even Nintendo is hardly recognizable by today's generation. Today, he's still a laughing stock, unfortuantely, because of the lackluster games that came out in the past few years. His latest game, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, was truly putrid, and is probably his worst title in history.

Even worse, at E3 2016, Sega revealed that the next big Sonic game will be a Sonic Boom sequel. Great.

Even though he has had a few major duds during his career, Sonic the Hedgehog has given us countless experiences of happiness, sadness, frustration, and above all, good, clean fun.

Thank you, Sonic Team, for all of the great games you gave us. We hope you continue to give us what you have given us in years past. Once again, thank you, very, very much.
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