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    Minecraft is turning 15 | Come celebrate with us!

    Minecraft is turning 15 | Come celebrate with us! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKw_2rj7hLc
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    Happy birthday Dreamcast, well never forget you!

    Sorry I am a day late with this, but I just saw this on Kotaku, You know what else is funny? Sony Playstation turned 15 on 9-9-10, ironic no? :lol: storybreak stars<\/title><path d="M5.146 9.01l-.19-3.623 3.057 1.985.693-1.197-3.213-1.67 3.213-1.638-.693-1.197-3.056 1.953L5.147 0H3.76l.158...
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    Happy Birthday Dreamcast !!!!

    Crap i'm eighteen minutes late. :( Happy birthday Sega Dreamcast !!!
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    Happy Halloween! - Scary Dreamcast Video Thread

    Happy Halloween fellow Dreamcasters! To celebrate, post a scary Dreamcast-related YouTube video! It can be a frightening moment in a Dreamcast game, gameplay of your favorite scary DC game, or just a scary video that features a Dreamcast in some way. :D Here's my Halloween Special to kick things...
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    Happy birthday sonic!!!!

    One half of me is having a birthday! It's 23 today. I don't know if this fits in here so I'll bring up the sonic birthday pack. Now that's something I want and it makes me laugh how I will pass over everything when it's cheap but as soon as I want it the only way I can afford some of that...
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    Happy 15th US Birthday Dreamcast!

    Can't believe its already been 15 years since the release of the Dreamcast, that's half my life. I wrote some of my thoughts here - http://www.dcgaga.com/2014/09/us-dre...niversary.html but I am interested to hear your memories, particularly of the US launch as it was quite different to that of...
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    Happy 24th Birthday, Sonic!

    Wow. I feel old, all of a sudden. You have come a long way, Sonic. You've had ups, you've had downs, and all-arounds. Although you may not stick around as long as others, your legacy will live on in hearts of gamers for all eternity. Happy 24th birthday, Sonic the Hedgehog! I would like for...
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    Happy bday, Dreamcast! Get Fire Pro Wresting English Now!

    14 years ago, the console came out that ignited a fandom in all of us that still burns today. In the interest of keeping that love alive, ReviveDC Project has been working to bring you some of the highest quality rips available. If you've followed us, you know that we marked our 50th and 100th...
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    Happy 25th Birthday, Sonic!

    Jeez, I feel old. So, it's the 25th anniversary of the Sonic franchise. Wow. That's quite a feat. A lot of game characters came and went in the same decade, but Sonic somehow managed to stay alive through the generations and give us many great gaming experiences thorughout each one. As for me...
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    Happy 17th Birthday Dreamcast!

    Seventeen years ago today, SEGA made history with the launch of its Dreamcast Video game console, selling more than 225,000 units and setting a Guinness World Record for most revenue generated in the entertainment industry in 24 hours. Seventeen years later, I'm still dreaming.
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    Happy 125th Birthday, Nintendo!

    Gaming giant was founded on September 23, 1889. Today is an important milestone in the history of Nintendo, as the Kyoto-based company celebrates its 125th anniversary. Click here to read the full article More...
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    Happy Wars

    Various AchievementsComplete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. Achievement How to unlock All Rounder (10 points) Use Warrior, Cleric, and Mage 2 times each in a Quick Match or Co-op mode. BOT Hunter (30 points) Get 1 victory in Training mode. Battle...
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    Happy Tree Friends False Alarm

    AchievementsComplete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. Beginner's Luck (5 points) - Complete the tutorial. Give Yourself A Hand (25 points) - Score at least 500,000 in every level. Hi Ho Silver (15 points) - Achieve a Silver Award. Just what the doctor...
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    Warren Spector not happy with the amount of violence in video games

    Too much violence at E3 2012. In an interview with GI International, Warren Spector - the mind behind Deus Ex and Epic Mickey 2 - expressed his deep concern with all the violence he witnessed at E3 this year. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Tony Hawk dev signs up for...
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