Gravity Games: Bike, Street, Vert & Dirt

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Cheat Codes​

Enter one of these cheats at the cheatmenu:

Code - Effect

MAXSTATS - Max stats for all
PIKARIDE - All bikes for all
DMCDMAN - Dennis McCoys stats are set high
BONEGUY - Bob Jones stats are set high
FLYAWAY - Bird Brains unlocked
BADGIRL - Hot Babe unlocked
SIGMAN - Angus Sigman unlocked
OLDLADY - Ramp Granny unlocked
OILSPILL - Unlock refinery
CHOOCHOO - Unlock train station
ARTRIDER - Unlock museum level
ARTCOMP - Play Museum competition
FUZYDIRT - Unlock Fuzzy's yard
VOLCANO - Unlock Mt Magma level
PAVEMENT - Unlock GG Street stage
GGFLYER - Unlock GG Vertical stage
MUDPUDLE - Unlock GG Dirt stage
ANDFMV - Watch Andre Ellison FMV
DMCFMV - Watch Dennis McCoy FMV
JAMFMV - Watch Jamie Bestwick FMV
LEIFMV - Watch Leigh Ramsdell FMV
MATFMV - Watch Matt Berringer FMV
REUFMV - Watch Reuel Erikson FMV
FUZFMV - Watch Fuzzy Hall FMV

Fuzzy Halls backyard​

Go to the options menu. Select CheatCodes. Enter the code: fuzy dirt.

Get gravity games street competition​

Go to the options menu. Select Cheat Codes. Enter the code: pavement.
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