Foes of Ali Cheat Codes (for 3DO)

final kaoss

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  • Cheat Mode
team - shows photo of design team
prebeg - shows photo of Ivan Prebeg (European boxing champ)
crowd - removes crowd from background
zippy - speeds up frame rate of game
aiat - boxer 1 is computer controlled
aibt - boxer 2 is computer controlled(use to go undefeated)
padc - use a third controller for the following:

"a" knock down boxer 2 for 6 sec
"b" cut the eye of boxer 1 (press button 3x to stop fight)
"L" advance to round 10 | [Sent by inter_a]
  • Low Blow
To throw a low blow press Down + Right + A or Down + Right + B. Warning: you can be disquailified if you throw too many of them. | [Sent by inter_a]
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