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Awards are achievements players can unlock while playing the game. Players can see their Awards by going to the World Map Menu, choosing "Connect", then choosing "Profile Card", and finally look and read their descriptions on the bottom screen and choosing each one with a stylus. Awards are shared among all of the Players' Save Files. Note: Renown can also be viewed on the Profile Card if you're trying to get the 3 "Renowned" Awards.

AwardHow to unlock
Archanea’s RegaliaReceived after finding the Regalia: Mercurius, Gradivus, and Parthia
ArmisticeReceived after Winning the War against the Rigelian Empire
BlitzkriegReceived after bringing an end to the war within 500 turns
Cherisher of LifeReceived after Completing Act 5 and the Main Story in Classic Mode
Combat ArtistReceived after using Combat Arts in Battle for the first time
CraftsmanshipReceived after Forging an item for the first time
DragonslayerReceived after Defeating 300 of Dragon Enemies
Duma IncarnateReceived after Alm uses Scendscale in battle for the first time
Fire EmblemReceived after Received after Completing Act 5 and the Main Story in Classic Mode, on Hard Difficulty, and without any Casualties
Gold FiendReceived after Collecting 30 Gold Marks
GourmandReceived after characters eat 30 different types of food
Humanity’s GenesisReceived after Completing Act 5 and the Main Story
Indomitable ArmyReceived after fighting 2,000 battles
Maiden VictoryReceived after winning the first battle
Meteoric RiseReceived after a character levels up with 5 or more stat upgrades
Mila IncarnateReceived after Celica uses Ragnarok Omega in battle for the first time
Mystery RelicsReceived after finding the Relics: Astra, Luna, and Sol
Renowned ConquerorReceived after collecting 56,434 Renown or more
Renowned GeneralReceived after collecting 13,148 Renown or more
Renowned KnightReceived after collecting 1,300 Renown or more)
Seasoned HeroReceived after fighting 500 battles
Shrine KeeperReceived after Defeating the Dragon at the Seabound Shrine
Strategic RetreatReceived after using the Retreat Command for the first time
Temple LiberatorReceived after Defeating the Rigelian Empire army at the Temple of Mila
Terrain ProReceived after using the terrain to gain the advantage in battle 10 times
Thrum of DespairReceived after Completing the Thabes Labyrinth
Triangle AttackerReceived after Palla, Catria, and Est use Triangle Attack in battle for the first time
Unbreakable BondsReceived after viewing many conversations between comrades outside of battles
UndertakerReceived after defeating 300 Undead Enemies
Valentia’s ConquerorReceived after Completing Act 5 and the Main Story on Hard Difficulty
Wheel of TimeReceived after using Mila's Turnwheel in Battle for the first time
Zofia’s ChampionReceived after Liberating Zofia Castle

Bonus after game areas​

After you finished the final boss. load your save go to Zofia Harbor. Talk to someone that need help getting back to Furia Harbor. Defeat the pirates and this area is now open.

Changes to the Title Screen​

After Clearing Act five of the Story, the title screen will change showing Alm and Celica as Adults instead of children.

Getting the Lightning Sword​

To get the Lightning Sword (strongest early game weapon), go to South Fort during Chapter 1. Then, open as many treasure chests as possible to find the Lightning Sword in one of them. In addition to the Lightning Sword, you will also find gold and silver coins inside the treasure chests. One of the features of the Lightning Sword is its 15 Might that allows you to deal a fixed amount of magic damage, irrespective of your ATK rating. Therefore, it is a powerful weapon during early phases of the game. Despite being a melee weapon, you can also use its "Distant Bolt" War skill to hit enemies who are three tiles away. It is recommended to use this weapon with Alm. By combining the raw damage of the Lightning Sword and Alm's decent HP, you will absorb most damage and easily kill enemies early in the game.

Sound Test​

In the title screen of the game, when Alm and Celica are running in the flowery field, press Up Down Left Right Up, then go into Extras.


Complete the main story.
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