Final Fantasy 2 Character Change Codes

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(For best viewing: Maximize screen, use ascii text view, word wrap on, 800x600 pixel screen)

The GGCCC presents an OFFICIAL...
        ___________   ___________   __________    __________    __________
       ////////////  ////////////  ///////////   ///////////   ///////////
      ////  _____   //// ______   ////          ////          ////
     ////  //////  //// ///////  ////          ////          ////
    ////____////  ////____////  ////_______   ////_______   ////_______
   ////////////  ////////////  ////////////  ////////////  ////////////
     __________    ____________   ___________
    ///////////   /////////////  //////////// The FF2 "Character Change" Code FAQ
   ////_______   ////_____////  ////    //// Last Updated: February 23, 1996
  ////////////  /////////////  ////   \//// Written by: SirGarland and Strato 508
 ////          ////     ////  ////    /\//
////          ////     ////  ///////////\

!How to use the codes!

The process for using each code is the same, unless noted otherwise. Here is what to do:

1. Go in a battle with the Game Genie's effects off.
2. Have one charatcer use an item or spell, and they will glitch.
3. Run from the battle, and go to your menu screen.
4. Heal any status ailments of the new charcter, cure them, and revive them if needed.
5. Test the new character! Make sure you turn the effects off before you test.

Some important things to remember when using:

1. Do not save games with new charcters over your prized saved game! Make a separate saved game slot for wierd saved games.
2. Don't replace Cecil. You need him to finish the game.
3. If a code doesn't work, don't fret. You may need to complete more of the game first. If you havn't even met a person first, the code will almost definitly not work. I.E., the FuSoYa code won't work in the beginning of the game. You need to have had him in a battle first. That brings us to the next topic...

!When codes start working!

This is when we THINK the codes start working. If you find that one of these doesn't work, e-mail either [email protected] or [email protected].

Cecil:       From the begining of the game
Kain:        First time he fights
Rydia:       When you are attacked by the Titan and herself
Rosa:        First time she fights
Tellah:      First time he fights
Edward:      After the fight against Tellah
Yang:        When Yang is fighting the MomBomb
Palom:       First time he fights
Porom:       First time she fights
Cid:         First time he fights
Older Rydia: First time you see her? We're not sure about this. The game may think of Young              Rydia and Older Rydia as 2 different charatcers, but it might not matter.
Golbez:      You must beat the game first
Edge:        When you see him fighting Rubinchant
FuSoYa:      First fight he is in.

And the moment you've all been waiting for...

!The Character Change Codes!

(NOTE: Some codea may not wrok because of different verisons of FF2, Game Genie, and the SNES control deck.)

CREATED BY: [email protected] & [email protected]

4D67-0D02: Character Copy Code
This changes whoever uses it into the person at the top of the list of people.

CREATED BY: [email protected]

EE67-0D02: Erases a character permanently. There are MANY of these but this is one.

FF67-0D02: FuSoYa Code! 
This code gives you FuSoYa, and that is a PERFECT FuSoYa.  Almost NONE of these codes give you a perfect character.  You may have to use his magic a few times before it starts working good.

AA67-0D02: A Dark Knight named Rydia. 
You get a Dark Knight that is named Rydia, his attack in battle is DUMMY and Dummy allows you to cast a Random Spell.

3367-0D02: Kain's Body, Palom's Menu. 
This gives you Kain as the body in battle, and Palom's attacks.  You can't cast any Black Magic, but you CAN cast Twin! Finally, see Kain's Casting Stance!

4467-0D02: Eraser/Invincibility Code. 
This code will Erase a character, however, it does not kill them or erase them right away!!! It will take away their Stats, but they are still alive for the ONE battle that they are in. How is this useful???  Well, do this little trick and you will see!  Go into the final battle against Zeromus.  Before you use the crystal, use this trick on everyone EXCEPT Cecil.  You have to keep someone alive, or you will perish.  Then, have Cecil use the crystal.  Now, Zeromus can attack anyone and only do damage to Cecil!  You have about a 5 times better chance to beat Zeromus now!!!

This is definitly unusual. It has Edward's stats, Rosa's commands, equipped with all SandRubies, and it looks like Anna! Try this one out!

D267-0D02: GET GOLBEZ! 
This code allows you to get and CONTROL Golbez in your party!!!  He is named Yang on the status screen, and has letter garble as his name on the battle screen.  And, of course, his body is Golbez.  His commands are:  OUR (Can't use), Fight, Fight, Fight, and Fight.  You can't seem to equip Golbez, so he uses his hands.  However, he is strong enough to just punch!!!!!  His normal attacks take away about 2000 HP at a time and these were the stats on mine:  STR:  99, AGI- 99, VIT-99, WIS-99, WILL-94,  Attack-98, Armor-111, Magic Defense-11.  Try it, this Golbez is definitly a keeper in your party!

1267-0D02: Kain the Dark Knight!
You can get the Dark Knight Cecil in your party with this code.  He will be named Kain and he has Kain's menu.  You can see Cecil Jump!!!

1367-0D02: Kain the Dark Knight 2!
This is the same as above, only the Dark Knight has better stats.

2F67-0D02: Dark Knight Cid!
This allows the Dark Knight to be named Cid and use Cid's commands (Peep, Fight, Item)  The stats for the Dark Knight are:  14 STR, 0 AGIL, 14 VIT, 0 WIS, 14 WILL, 3 ATTACK, 24 DEFENSE, 148 MAG DEFENSE.  Try using Peep, it has the Dark Knight use the stance for his sensored attack, Dark Wave!

4D67-0D02: Perfect Copy of Rosa!
This code will allow you to obtain a Carbon Copy of what Rosa is at your point in the game. This can be used to configure your own party to fight Zeromus.

4F67-0D02: Perfect Copy of Kain!
This code will allow you to obtain a Carbon Copy of what Kain is at your point in the game. This can be used to configure your own party to fight Zeromus.

5267-0D02: Weird Kain
This will give you Kain with the stats of 1 HP, 1 MP, Level 0, STR 0, AGIL 56, VIT 1, WIS 0, WILL 0, ATTACK 0, DEFENSE 0, MAG DEFENSE 8, Equipped with:  Right Hand:  4  Head:  Dummy
Commands:  Fight (Normal), Second Command is the command that was 2nd in the one you changed (Does a VERY weird thing.  Sometimes it will glitch however so be careful.  It seems to erase a whole row of enemies and then revive a whole row.) Third Command is the 3rd command in the person who you changed (Casts ICE 1 on anything), Fourth Command is OUR (This will glitch every time, I think it was taken out of the game.), and the Fifth Command is Fight (Normal Fighting).  Use the second command on yourself to kill most of the enemies.

6167-0D02: Yang the Dark Knight!
Stats:  Str 1, AGIL 76, VIT 0 (Not sure if it is 0, my notes aren't very clear for this code.), WIS 99, WILL 1, ATTACK 43, DEFENSE 65, MAGIC DEFENSE 12, Equipped with Right Hand:  Fire Claw75, Left Hand 2, Head:  Wooden Hammer, Arms, Crystal Ring.  Commands Fight Kick (Try this one out!!!!!!!!!!!  It is like the Dark Wave attack that the clone uses in the stance he has, except, Cecil is air Borne!!!!) and item.

6767-0D02: Kain with Imp Call.
Get a Kain with the Imp Call spell equipped for head.  Unequip it and then change the character back with a "Perfect" code and you have the Imp Call spell.  The Kain isn't really that great any way.

6867-0D02: Young Rydia Code!
This code gives you Young Rydia!!!!!!!!!!  The game will recognize her as Rydia.  However, has the commands for Golbez (OUR, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight) so you can't have a good Young Rydia and an old Rydia in your party..... yet.

6A67-0D02: Erase?
This code seems to erase a character from your party, however, the character still appears in battle and in the status screen.  However, you can not use the character in battle, and the cursor in the status screen skips over the guy.  You can use this guy as a Human Shield if you want the guy to absorb attacks.

6B67-0D02: Dark Knight with Crystal Sword!
Get a Dark Knight equipped with a Crystal Sword.  You can use this at the beginning of the game.  Unequip him and you can equip your paladin with the Crystal Sword when you first get him.  Change the guy back who you took it from and you will have a normal party again.

DD67-0D02: Tellah Code!
This code allows you to get Tellah.  This Tellah is HARDLY perfect, but at least you can now play him after he died.  Stats are:  0 STR, 3AGIL, 0WIS, 0 WILL, p52 HP, 1280 MP, 0 ATTACK, 100 DEFENSE, 0 MDEF, HEAD Charm Claw, Body Rune Axe, either character Garbage or Tellah for the name in battle.  Because of his low Agility, he almost never comes up in battle.  He is VERY Glitchy.

CREATED BY: [email protected]

A067-0D02: Dark Knight/Paladin! 
On menu and in battle and on map, name is Cecil, and has all the commands of a Paladin.  He's not perfect, but pretty cool to see defend others as a D.Knight. 

A567-0D02 A Bard named Kain. 
 Commands are Kains, get to see Edward Jump.  He's eqiped with Trash Cans on Head and Arms...LEAVE THE ONE ON HIS ARMS EQUIPED, IT'S EXTREMELY GOOD.

A667-0D02- A D.Knight named Palom.  
Commands are Fight, Black, Twin, Item.  He has no Black spells but he may gain some later <?>.  If you use Twin, he and Cecil will cast a twin spell and they will be in Cecil's stance for Dark Wave.  He is also equiped with Trash Cans, again LEAVE THE ONE ON HIS ARMS EQUIPED.

A967-0D02: A D.Knight named Tellah.  
Commands are Fight, White, Black, Item.  He has no spells but he may learn some later <?>.  Again, leave the Trash Can on his arms because it's very powerfull.

BD67-0D02: A Bard named Palom.  
Commands are Fight, Black, Twin, Item.  He has no Black spells but he may gain some later <?>.  If you use Twin, he and Cecil will cast a Twin spell; Cecil will be in his D. Wave stance and Edward will be in a stance that was dummied <I think>, this stance was probably for his command that was blocked out from the Japanese game...I think it was Medicine, another useless thing Edward did.  YOU GOTTA SEE HIS DUMMIED STANCE, HE LOOKS LIKE A GOOF BALL!!!!!!! Also, he's got a Crystal <the one Cecil uses when you fight the end boss> on his head and Diamond armor.

D867-0D02: A young caller named Rydia.  
Commands are Fight, Black, White, Call, and Item.  Rydia is an exact copy of Rydia at that point.  She's equiped with 2 Shadow armors, 1 power armor, 1 Heroine armor, and a Black glove...good stuff. (EDITOR'S NOTE: This code may only work with some versions or only if you currently have young Rydia in your party. When I used with an older Rydia, I had strange results. A Dark Knight named Anna, who had a Pig map picture, had Porom's name in the battle screen, and looked like the previous Anna code.

FB67-0D02: Rydia as a Bard! 
Commands are that of a Bard.  Equiped with alot of good stuff.

ED67-0D02: A Green Pig the size of a normal character, in battle, and his name is Golbez. Commands are Fight, Dart, Sneak, Ninja, and Item.  Un-equip the Dummy he's wearing, and use 1 of them <save the rest for later> its got a really cool effect.

CREATED BY [email protected]: 

FD67-0D02: Perfect Edge

DA67-0D02: A Better Golbez!
This code is better than the other Golbez code. In this, Golbez has a Fight and Item command, can use Black and White magic (Not in battle, only on menu. He doesn't have any White Magic, but maybe he can learn some. Under his Black Magic screen he has a couple normal spells, a couple wierd ones, but he also has Cure 4 and Life 2, which you CAN use. He comes at level 45, and it equipped with a spear, so it actually looks like he is fighting, not just fists. 

F467-0D02: Dr. Lugae?
This code is wierd. You get a guy who is a "Fight It", at level 0, is L/R both equippable, has Black; White; and Call magic (although he knows no spells), and looks like Dr. Lugae on the map screen!

CREATED BY: [email protected]:

NOTE: These codes effect the person underneath the person who uses the potion or spell.
AA67-0DA2: Lots of different varieties of Cecil (Don't ask - it's weird -use repeatedly with differnent guys)

AE67-0DA2: Turns the character into a Dark Knight

A867-0DA2: Turns the character into a Dragoon

ALL Material in this document is (C) Copyright 1996, Game Genie Code Creators Club, All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted, or published, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without being fully credited or without the prior written permission of the club.  E-mail to GWS [email protected] if you have any questions. This material is for club members only.
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