Evil Twin Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

Cheat codes, tips guides & hints for games on the Sega Dreamcast

final kaoss

Staff member
  • Bounce shot
Press [Shoot] [Action] [Shoot] [First Person View] [Jump].
  • Quick shot
Press [Action] [First Person View] [Jump] [First Person View] [Shoot].
  • Sniper
Press [Action] [Shoot] [Jump] [First Person View] [Shoot].
  • Super shot
Press [Shoot] [First Person View] [First Person View] [Action] [Jump].
  • Unlimited lives
Press [Jump] [Action] [First Person View] [Jump] [Shoot].
  • Visor
Press [Shoot] [Shoot] [Jump] [First Person View] [Action].
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