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Nothing really special.

P1 Joker

P2 Joker

Walk Through Most Objects & Walls
E002FEEF 0058009C L2 + Up = On
40300550 00040001
00000000 00000000
E004FEDF 0058009C L2 + Right = Off
20300550 3DCCCCCD
20300554 3F800000
20300558 3DCCCCCD
2030055C 3F800000
E002FEEF 0058009C
40300580 00040001
00000000 00000000
E004FEDF 0058009C
20300480 3B4CCCCD
20300484 3F800000
20300488 3B4CCCCD
2030048C 3F800000

Walk Through The Remaining Solid Things & Fall Through The Ground
E002FEBF 0058009C L2 + Down = On
40300540 00040001
00000000 00000000
E002FE7F 0058009C L2 + Left = Off
40300540 00040001
3F800000 00000000
E002FEBF 0058009C
40300590 00040001
00000000 00000000
E002FE7F 0058009C
20300490 3B03126F
20300494 3F800000
20300498 3B03126F
2030049C 3F800000
It is posted just to use with the other code in case you run into a solid object, otherwise it is an annoyance. Make sure to turn it off once you are through whatever is blocking you, otherwise you'll eventually fall through the ground along with the enemies until you turn it off and then you'll return to normal ground.

Enemies Ignore You, Generals Circle You
20134070 03e00008 (default 27bdff10)
20134074 00000000 (default ffbf0080)
Generals can still attack you if you get close enough, otherwise they will just keep running circles around you. Combine with the below one and then generals usually run away from you.
201342b0 03e00008 (default 27dbff40)
201342b4 00000000 (default ffbf0080)

Worthless junk below.

You can't move
20134e40 03e00008 (default 27bdff20)
20134e44 00000000 (default ffbf0090)

Screwed up camera
201356d0 03e00008 (default 27bdfa80)
201356d4 00000000 (default ffbf00a0)

Tamper with environmental stuff for fog, fire, thunderstorms, purple haze, or whatever
Addresses from 00300560 to 00300580, and 003005a0 to 003005c0.
Found a few more. I was mainly looking for a speed modifier for all enemies like I could do for DW6, but the offset 01EC or whatever for speed didn't seem to lead to anything. I also couldn't find a way of getting the bodyguards on any level. I did find items though, so maps with the no items rule are no longer a problem. I used hyper2k's modified Pcsx2 to check out how the items worked.

Player 1 Max Attack Power
00538506 000000FF
Kill enemies with 1 hit.

Player 1 Max Defense Power
00538507 000000FF
Other than arrows, almost no other attacks will make you flinch.

Player 1 ??, Seems to affect how much damage arrows do to you
00538509 000000??
Pointless code. If set to 0, any hit from an arrow will always kill you. Setting it high yields no noticeable useful effect.

Player 1 Walking Speed Modifier
2053850C ????????
It's a float. Set to something like 41E00000.

Player 1 Walking While Blocking Speed Modifier
20538510 ????????
It's a float. Set to something like 41E00000.

Player 1 Jump Height Modifier
20538514 ????????
It's a float. Set to something like 41E00000.

Player 1 Have Item On Bits
70538520 0010????

0001 - Peacock Urn
0002 - Dragon Amulet
0004 - Tiger Amulet
0008 - Tortoise Amulet
0010 - Speed Scroll
0020 - Wing Boots
0040 - Huang's Bow
0080 - Nanman Armor
0100 - Horned Helm
0200 - Cavalry Armor
0400 - Seven Star Sash
0800 - Elixir
1000 - Herbal Remedy
2000 - Fire Element
4000 - Lightning Element
8000 - Vorpal Element

Player 1 Have Item On Bits Continued
70538522 0010????

0001 - Ice Element
0002 - Blast Element
0004 - Poison Element
0008 - Red Hare Harness
0010 - Hex Mark Harness
0020 - Storm Harness
0040 - Shadow Harness
0080 - Elephant Harness
0100 - Art Of War
0200 - Survival Guide
0400 - Bodyguard Manual
0800 - Way Of Musou
1000 - Power Scroll
2000 - Wind Scroll
4000 - Fire Arrows
8000 - Charge Bracer
I turned all harnesses on at the same time, and it gave me the Red Hare Harness. Hex Mark seems to automatically always turn on the Seven Star Sash.

Player 1 Have Item On Bits Continued
70538524 0010????

00000001 - Power Rune
00000002 - Code Of Chivalry
00000004 - Meat Bun Sack
00000008 - Musou Armor
00000010 - Master Of Musou
00000020 - War Drum
00000040 - Secret Of Orbs
00000080 - Helm Of Might
00000100 - Horseshoes

I turned everything on at once. I always did true musou, and arrows didn't make me flinch, so I'm assuming they all work at the same time.

Extra Stuff For Setting Elements
10538530 0000????

0601 (Fire)
0402 (Lightning)
0903 (Vorpal)
0004 (Ice)
0005 (Blast)
0006 (Poison)
I turned all of them on at the same time, and it mostly seemed to be fire other than whichever one causes sparkles around some attacks. Don't go above 6, or the game may freeze when you do certain attacks. As far as I can tell, these lines don't seem necessary, but it almost seemed like they made the elements more effective.

I also forgot Heiigjen wanted a code to set all enemies weapon to a certain weapon. I guess codetwink has a code to set bodyguards' weapons to the same thing the player is using. I don't know why the code would work though, it's just telling the game to store 2 things at a different offset.
Enable Code (Must Be On)
90216530 0C049CAC

The "Player 1 Have Item On Bits" codes
you need codebreaker
not compatible with gameshark and action replay max
Enable Code (Must Be On)
90216530 0C049CAC

The "Player 1 Have Item On Bits" codes
you need codebreaker
not compatible with gameshark and action replay max

The "Player 1 Have Item On Bits" codes working flawlessly but it only affect items that don't have any parameters.
The code gives the effect of Musou Armor (won't flinch from arrow) and Way of Musou (always true musou) but doesn't give the effect of Wind Scroll (increase weapon range) and Level Based Item such as Peacock Urn (Health up) and Tiger Amulet (Attack up)

Could you please consider your valuable time to take a look onto this matter?

Okay so the Xtreme Legends DW 3 is nothing more than the expansion pack that includes Lu Bu as a playable character and has more weapons per character, right?Now I know why I got the original for about 30 before Christmas: the same reason why no store now can get rid of their Metal Gear Solid 2 games for 20 or under.
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