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  1. R

    Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends BLUS31402 01.01

    Credit:Randy97Killa Code: Infinite Health 0 00B74E58 3DC000EB 0 00B74E5C 906EBCBC 0 00B74E60 60000000 0 00B74E64 4E800020 0 00B74E68 3DE000EB 0 00B74E6C 81EFBCBC 0 00B74E70 7C0F2800 0 00B74E74 4082000C 0 00B74E78 C045001C 0 00B74E7C D0450014 0 00B74E80 D0450014 0 00B74E84 480C627A 0 00A66984...
  2. F

    Hyrule Warriors Legends - CTRPF AR Cheat Codes [US]

    The following are known CTRPF AR Cheat Codes for Hyrule Warriors Legends on Nintendo 3DS (3DS). 000400000017EA00.txt [Warriors 1 through 3 Max Magic/Special Update 1.3.0] 291CD958 00000001 291CD948 00000003 291CDAF8 00000001 291CDAE8 00000003 291CDBF8 00000001 291CDBE8 00000003 [Unlimited...
  3. F

    Hyrule Warriors Legends - CTRPF AR Cheat Codes [EU]

    The following are known CTRPF AR Cheat Codes for Hyrule Warriors Legends on Nintendo 3DS (3DS). 000400000017EB00.txt [Adv Map Items] 0856FEE0 05050505 0856FEE4 05050505 0856FEE8 05050505 [Great Sea Map Items] 2857BB3C 00000005 2857BB45 00000005 0857BB59 05050505 0857BB5D 05050505 1857BB61...
  4. F

    Mega Man Legends

    Buster Attack Stat GlitchDuring the course of the game, you can augment the stats on your Buster Gun with Buster Parts. If you switch Buster Parts just after firing some shots from it (while the shots are still on-screen), you can change the Attack power from the shots. For example, if you...
  5. F

    X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

    100,000 tech-bitsPress Up(3), Down, Right(2), Start at the store run by Forge or Beast. The sound of tech-bits will confirm correct code entry.
  6. F

    Zoid Battle Legends

    1 (M) NVRA-2Y1Q-Q69PH 6DXF-MP2X-F2H3V 2Q95-KJ97-R4KTV ZZ3E-EZ0J-N6XBE 4AZB-XDGV-PFQAH 2 Infinite Health: Player YU2H-HGK3-5MYEU Y1DE-MXW4-V0260 V52A-RYV4-MW389 3 Infinite Health: Teammate XZQR-1E0H-09HZ6 C90C-XG29-TWDVE 4W8M-CHZB-GF152 4 Infinite Ammo 875V-UNG0-53HNC 8X5A-Y08G-CFXTX...
  7. F

    Skies of Arcadia Legends

    1 [M] ZUXE-F7VV-NNUBR RDXM-ZC3A-67BBE 2 Infinite Gold HB45-WGW7-QM6NG Z0F5-YQ5V-1W7GN 3 No Random Battles NZWZ-EGFX-GG8HU 27R6-1TWE-V1M4M 4 All Journal Entries DU95-7EFZ-KHM4P FQ2T-376J-R5C13 45KA-RUYG-3GC0W GRM3-FAQZ-WVM79 8EE7-9TKY-6KDH0 Q0F9-AZJJ-4Y2QG N2UQ-JPG1-C5EN9 5 All...
  8. F

    Gauntlet Legends (PAL)

    [h=3]Gauntlet Legends (PAL)[/HEADING] Lots Of Gold F959992F 0000270F Infinite Health 46321060 00004495 Always Have 3 Keys E887173D 00000003
  9. F

    Gauntlet Legends (USA)

    [h=3]Gauntlet Legends (USA)[/HEADING] Quick Level Up P1 14241AAB0000FFFF Quick Level Up P2 12341AA90000FFFF Quick Level Up P3 BE0636BB0000FFFF Quick Level Up P4 A0835DA20000FFFF Max Magic P3 88FB813700004479 Infinite All Magic P3 BED636BB00000004 Infinite Keys P4 56977B6400000009...
  10. F

    007 Legends & Goldeneye Reloaded (God Mode)

    by sentinel71 Just something I'd like to share to coincide with the new Bond movie Special thanks to MysterE for the float value hints and tips. Infinite health: First you'll need a save that's at the VERY START of the mission (also it should be played at certain difficulty setting: For...
  11. F

    Castlevania: Legends

    Castlevania: Legends Manual re-write by: VmprHntrD This is the manual to the Game Boy game..... Castlevania Legends (from: Konami) [Contents]______________________________________________________ Story: 2 Starting the Game: 3 Playing the Game: 4 Controls: 5 Description of the...
  12. C

    No Audio for Gauntlet Legends

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been here. I finally got my AV cable for my DC yesterday, so it was my first time playing Gauntlet Legends. No audio. What the WTF? That didn't stop me from playing, though. I just put on Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VII to listen to while playing. I...
  13. C

    Gauntlet Legends

    (help request + opinion thread) Gauntlet Legends - I LA PRESION DEL DRAGON - YouTube hey, anyone else tried that game? I personally didn't have the opportunity to play it back in the days, but recently a new Gauntlet game was released and I remembered there was one for the dreamcast so I...
  14. C

    Gauntlet Legends Manual

    If anyone here has an an extra dreamcast manual for Gauntlet Legends and is willing to sell it hmu.
  15. F

    Dynasty Warriors 4 Xtreme Legends

    Nothing really special. P1 Joker d058009c P2 Joker d058011c Walk Through Most Objects & Walls E002FEEF 0058009C L2 + Up = On 40300550 00040001 00000000 00000000 E004FEDF 0058009C L2 + Right = Off 20300550 3DCCCCCD 20300554 3F800000 20300558 3DCCCCCD 2030055C 3F800000 Or E002FEEF 0058009C...
  16. F

    007 Legends

    Various Steam Achievements Achievement How to unlock 00 Agent Public Match: Reach level 50 (00 Agent Grade 0). 007 Complete all levels on a 'Classic' difficulty. A Farewell to Arms Multiplayer: Enter 00 Specialization. Above and Beyond a 00 Complete three of the '007' level trials...
  17. F

    Rayman Legends

    Various CostumesCollect the indicated number of Lums to unlock the corresponding costume in in the Heroes Gallery. Costume How to unlock Flaming Teensy 440,000 Lums. Globolk 350,000 Lums. GlobTeen 20,000 Lums. Glombrox 75,000 Lums. Ninja Teensy 280,000 Lums. Poglox 500,000...
  18. F

    Final Fantasy Legends 3 GameShark Codes

    1. 010900C7 Always Have Infinite 9 Items in The Top Item Slot Only 2. 010902C7 Always Have Infinite 9 Items in The Second Slot Only 3. 010904C7 Always Have Infinite 9 Items in The Third Slot Only 4. 010906C7 Always Have Infinite 9 Items in The Fourth Slot Only 5. 010908C7...
  19. F

    Castlevania Legends GameShark Codes

    1. 010F13C5 Infinite Health 2. 010254C7 Infinite Lives
  20. F

    Final Fantasy Legends GameShark Codes

    1. 01C700CB Infinite GP
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