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I spend a lot of time and even more money to get my Dreamcast back on track on my new LG HD TV.
So it's time to share my experience with all tries so far.

My setup at the start:

- Dreamcast PAL v1
- VGA Box
VGA Box.jpg

So when I tried to connect it to my new TV it had no VGA...
After some reading it should be possible to convert VGA signal to HDMI.
You could go for a cheap upscaler but I wanted a scaler that also makes the picture better.
Bought the Aten VC182 upscaler.

Second setup:

- Dreamcast PAL v1
- VGA Box
- Aten VC182 - VGA to HDMI upscaler

Connect the VGA box to the Aten VC182 resulted in a nice crisp screen but after a minute or so it stopped working and my screen goes black.
After contacting support of Aten it seems that the VGA signal of PC's is supported but the Dreamcast isn't.
So after some searching it could be the cheap VGA box that is causing the issues.

The best VGA box available should be one of Beharbros.
After reading the website I bought the Beharbros Toro.
vga toro.jpg

Third setup:

- Dreamcast PAL v1
- VGA Box - Toro
- Aten VC182 - VGA to HDMI upscaler

Received it after a few weeks and connected it to the Aten VC182 box.
Even a better picture was produced but the screen stills turns black after a while.

After contacting Aten support again the conclusion was simple, it is not going to work on this device.
Tried al settings as well on the Toro as on the Aten VC182.

Meanwhile I received my USB GDROM mod and installed.
Now I want to play my Dreamcast even more badly...

Invested a lot of money and still no result is cause of not doing my homework.
So it was time to do my homework.

xrgb mini.jpg

What I needed: XRGB Mini of a working VGA to HDMI upscaler.
As the second option failed I decided to buy a XRGB mini.
Again learned from my expriences I did my homework and also bought a EuroSCART to Framemeister XRGB mini passive adapter cable because the cable comming with the XRGB mini does NOT work.

Fourth setup

- Dreamcast PAL v1
- VGA Box - Toro
- XRGB Mini + EuroScart cable

Now it works!

Beautifull picture... no noticeable input lag.
The only thing now is that the Dreamcast overheats itself because of the USB GDROM mod.
This is caused of the missing 12 volt usage of the GDROM drive.

Next project is how to fix this, now I have a workaround by removing the case :P
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