Dragon Quest 8: Journey Of The Cursed King

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Alko Speed​

For alchemical processes, the game measures the distance your buttwad hero travels. To speed up the concoction, do your alchemical mix and locate a house or space where your hero can walk against the wall or corner. Tilt the joystick off center to get your hero moving and keep it steady. You can use rubber bands, an eraser, paper clips, or just rest your PS2 controller on its "legs" and flip it so the sticks are kept off center to do this.

Now you can leave it and do something else (like your homework). When you come back, your mixture will be finished done. Most mixes takes only about 3 to 4 minutes real time using this method.

Alternate Ending​

After defeating Rhapthorne, a secret dungeon and town will become available. Finish that quest in the secret town to obtain Argon Ring. Defeat Rhapthorne another time while equipping this item to obtain a slightly different ending.

Babble Land​

After you get the Godbird Soulstone, fly to the area overlooking the desert. There you will find a lot of metabbles, sometimes as many as eight in one battle. Unfortunately, there are some other powerful monsters in that same region, so you need to use caution when babble hunting.

Casino items​

Spend the indicated number of Tokens at that Casino game to obtain the corresponding item:

Agility Ring: 1,000 Tokens at Pickham
Falcon Blade: 10,000 Tokens at Baccarat
Gringham Whip: 200,000 Tokens at Baccarat
Liquid Metal Armor: 50,000 Tokens at Baccarat
Magic Water: 100 Tokens at Pickham
Platinum Headgear: 5,000 Tokens at Pickham
Prayer Ring: 1,000 Tokens at Baccarat
Rune Staff: 3,000 Tokens at Pickham
Saint's Ashes: 5,000 Tokens at Baccarat
Silver Platter: 500 Tokens at Pickham
Spangled Dress: 3,000 Tokens at Baccarat
Titan Belt: 1,500 Tokens at Pickham

Dancing monsters​

Go to the battle records in the menu then choose the defeated monster list. Select any monster that you have defeated (for example, the Monster Slime). Press X button to make him wiggle and press Circle to make him do other things. Try doing this with all the other monsters.

Defeating Metal Slimes​

In the medical shop, buy the Holy Water. When in-battle with Metal Slime, choose command item and use it on the Metal Slime. It will always do 1 damage. Do this four times for Metal Slimes when you are at levels 20 to 25.

Determining item upgradability​

When you are trying to figure out what items to sell to make extra money, unequip any item you have then go to the alchemy pot. Any item that is darkened cannot be used in the alchemy pot. Thus, you know that it is safe to sell. This is especially helpful after you make items and you are not sure if they can be upgraded again.

Dhoulmagus Battle​

When you very first begin the fight with dhoulmagus, you should instantly switch the battle functions of Yagun, Angelo and Jessica to fight wisely, or have Angelo and Yangus focus on healing and keep Jessica under your control.

This battle is a very long one and can take up to an hour to complete at lvl 33 to 38. Having all three characters fight on their own can get them killed if they are not properly levelled.

Constantly cast mid heal or full heal depending on how much damage is done to each character. Dont focus on psyching up, its pointless. Keep all your characters equipped with single-ememy attacking capabilities.

Hero: Falcon Blade or better
Jessica: Dragon Tail Whip or better
Yagus: Steel Sycth or better
Angelo: Dream Blade or better

Do not use spears, boomeranges, daggers or hammers. Focus on healing and ability attacks and the battle should be won easily.

Dodgy Dave trades​

Trade the indicated item after Dodgy Dave opens his special shop to get the indicated item:

500 gold: Trade a Special Medicine
1,200 gold: Trade a Reinforced Boomerang
6,000 gold: Trade Robe of Serenity
Bandit Axe: Trade Ring of Immunity
Big Boss Shield: Trade Crimson Robe
Happy Hat: Trade Sandstorm Spear

Easy experience​

To gain about 1,000 to 2,000 experience points early in the game, once Angelo asks you to check on the Abbot, go to the Ruined Abbey slightly north of there. Instead of flying through the dungeon, walk around until you encounter a Metal
Slime. Metal Slimes will run usually on the first turn, but if not, try hitting it. Metal Slimes have low amount of HP and sometime appear in groups of two. Make sure your main character is equipped with a Boomerang; if you fight two you can hit both of them. Have Yangus attack normally, and do the same with Jessica. Do not use spells, as they have no effect. If you manage to kill the Metal Slime(s), you will be rewarded with about 1,000 to 2,000 experience points, and about 299 to 499 gold. Repeat this as much as desired.

When Angelo asks you to check on the Abbot, go to the Ruined Abbey slightly north of there. Use Angelo's ring to open the entrance underground. Once there, be patient, as at first you will encounter regular enemies. After a few battles you should encounter a Metal Slime(s). They possess only 4 HP but are difficult to defeat because they either dodge or run away immediately. Once you encounter a slime or slimes (up to three), concentrate on only one of them, as it is difficult to kill one. To guarantee a kill, equip a sword with "The Hero", and you must know the ability "Metal Slash." With Yagus, just attack normally. Equip a whip for Jessica and you must know the ability "Twin Dragon Lash," which she will strike twice (and make it very likely to land at least one). It is best to train in the Ruined Abbey after you get Angelo, as he also knows the Metal Slash with a sword like "The Hero." Since the Metal Slime is metal, when you strike it with a Metal Slash technique it is likely to take 2 HP from the 4 HP that the Metal Slime posseses. When Jessica strikes, it is likely she will land at least one hit and take another HP from the Metal Slime. It is not not important if Yagus lands or not, because Angelo's Metal Slash (which can do up to 2 HP damage) will definitely hit. Thus, you have a guaranteed kill, giving you up to 1,000 or more experience points. Also, it is much faster to use Whistle by Yagus to get into battle much quicker, as the slime appears randomly. Additionally, standing in one location is slower; try running around until the slimes do not appear for awhile. When this happens, change locations and use Whistle.

Go to the area before Maella Abbey and run around until you get into a battle with at least one Dingaling. Kill anything besides the Dingaling(s). After only the Dingalings remain, psyche yourself up, heal, or use magic to raise your stats.
Eventually, with a little patience, one of the Dingalings will call for backup. A Jargon will appear. If you are psyched up, use one person to kill the Jargon. Leave the Dingalings alone, and continue to heal, psyche up, or use stat-raising
magic. Do not kill any of the Dingalings. The more of them there are, the better the chance of them calling for backup. Continue to attack only the Jargons and make sure you continue to psyche yourself up. it is important to kill the Jargons
on the first turn, because they can cause heavy damage and blind your party. If more than one Jargon is called, try using Jessica's psyched up attack. It hits an entire group, and should kill any number of Jargons. When you get low on health, or feel that you have killed enough, simply kill the Dingalings; they are relatively weak. Technically, you can get unlimited amounts of experience per battle. However if you get to about Jargon p or Q, you should get about 1,000 experience points. This is very useful for the area. Make sure to equip your characters with lots of medical or strong herbs.

Metal Slimes in the Ruined Abbey (after you acquire Angelo's Templar ring) are worth about 1,300 experience points per kill; They also work rather well later in the game, but only until about level 22 to 25. Also, do not always wait until your
characters are at a few HP/MP unless they have the Evac and Zoom spells. Fight the Dingaling squads who summon Jargons, and only kill the Jargons with Yangus and the Hero from psyching. This will give you some earlier experience than Metal Slimes, and the experience gained is more stable than trying to kill Metal Slimes.

Easy gold​

Use the following trick to get easy gold on the Island Of The Temple Of Neos. Just southeast of Simpleton are Gold Brick monsters. They are best found on the southern half of the island, around the temple entrance. They are fairly common. They have about 100 HP and the drop about 726 in gold. Sometimes you can find multiple ones.

Easy Level-Up​

An easy way to level up is to head to Tryan Gully. Fight a group of enemies called Bloody Hands, and simply have everyone in the party defend over and over again. Bloody Hands will call for help, so many of them will join the fray. Then you can unleash your attacks and get a lot of experience in return.

Fast alchemy and Easy cash​

Faster alchemy, Just finish the dragovian trials and choose to strenghten the alchemy pot, all recipes will be done imediatly.

Fast and easy money, Buy medicinal herbs for 8 gold each and put two of them into the alchemy pot to get a strong medicine. This strong medicine can be sold for 264 gold.

Fighting Metal Slimes​

The best way to kill Metal Slimes is to use attacks that inflict critical damage. The hero's Lightning thrust ability performs a critical attack on these enemies. Another method is to use Falcon Blades, which allows you to attack twice -- this theoretically doubles your chances of inflicting a critical blow.

Make some elevating shoes and set them to your hero. Wander around in the Slime Mountain and kill all metal slimes you come across. Yes, it's hard, but here's how to do it efficiantly. Make sure to use weapons that are capable of using critical strike attacks. Heres the best choices that I have found useful with the most success rate:

Hero - Metal King Spear Lightning Thrust
Yangus - Conquerer's Axe Executioner
Jessica - Poison Needle Assassins Stab
Angelo - Odins Bow Needle Shot

Most of the time, your hero and Jessica will hit with better succession, while Yangus and Angelo can handle the lighter portions of the slimes that appear.

Final Fantasy 8 reference​

Angelo shares the same name as Rinoa's dog in Final Fantasy 8.

Final Fantasy 9 reference​

Alexandria is the name of the Castle where Princess Garnet used the summon to protect herself form Bahamut in Final Fantasy 9. In Dragon Quest 8, that is the name of the town where you meet Jessica.

Forge Liquid Metal Sword​

Get the rusty sword from Trodain. Earn a slime crown by fighting metal slimes or King slimes. One slime crown is inside the well on the hilltop hut. The final ingredient, Orihalcum, is difficult to get with an external cheat device. The easiest source is to accrue 83 medallions and trade them to Minnie for the item. Drop all three ingredients into the alchemy pot for the rare Liquid Metal Sword.

Forge Metal King Shield​

You require the Ruinous Shield, Orihalum, and Saints Ash for this armor. Purchase the Saints Ash from the Dragovian Village after clearing the game once (and do a game clear save, or you'll want to defenestrate yourself after your PS2). The Orihalum is earned by collecting medals and trading enough of them to the island princess north of Peregin Quay. The Ruinous Shield may be found in the air-only part of the island where the Doulmagus was killed (at the mirror puzzle).

Forge Thieves Key​

Put the rusty sword and the iron nail (at Paraguay Quey) to make the Thieves' Key. This item lets you open any locked chest.

Heavenly King Sword the best sword​

When you complete the game you will in a cut sceene see a red light flash on a stone go here and touch the stone this will unlock a new world when you have found the village go to the house which leads to the heavenly dias. This is dungeon with sort of hard monsters when you complete the boss at the end you will unlock the dragovion trials this is the annoying bit you
will have to if you haven't already get to level 65 to unlock dragon soul this gives you a great advantige because you have to fight him again once you defeat human form guy he will turn into the dragon you fought earlier after this he will turn into a series of other monsters they double in toughness each time on total there are five hope this helped.

Item Formulas​

Accessories Formulas

Agility ring = Prayer ring + Seed of agility
Catholicon ring = Full moon ring + Ring of truth + Ring of immunity
Elevating shoes = Fishnet stockings + Happy hat
Full moon ring = Gold ring + Poison moth knife
Goddess ring = Recovery ring + Orichalcum
Holy talisman = Tough guy tattoo + Holy water + Gold rosary
Life bracer = Recovery ring + Gold bracer
Meteorite bracer = Agility ring + Agility ring + Orichalcum
Mighty armlet = Strength ring + Titan belt
Prayer ring = Gold ring + Seed of Magic
Recovery ring = Prayer ring + Seed of life
Ring of awakening = Gold ring + Dream blame
Ring of clarity = Gold ring + Fallen angel rapier
Ring of immunity = Gold ring + Poison needle
Ring of truth = Gold ring + Sandstorm spear
Ruby of protection = Prayer ring + Seed of defence
Scholar's specs = Ring of awakening + Ring of clarity + Seed of wisdom
Skull ring = Sorcerer's ring + Devil's tail
Sorcerer's ring = Skull ring + Saint's ashes + Saint's ashes
Strength ring = Prayer ring + Seed of strength
Titan belt = Leather kilt + strength ring

Armor Formulas

Angel's robe = Flowing dress + Magical skirt
Bandit mail = Heavy Armour + Bandit axe + Bandit's grass skirt
Boxer shorts = Bandit's grass skirt + Bandana
Bronze armour = Chain mail + Bronze shield
Bunny suit = Silk bustier + Bunny tail
Chain mail = Wayfarer's clothes + Chain whip
Crimson robe = Sage's robe + Magic water + Nook grass
Dancer's mail = Silver mail + Dancer's costume
Dark robe = Cloak of evasion + Devil's tail + Wing of bat
Divine bustier = Dangerous bustier + Shimmering dress
Dragon mail = Silver mail + Dragon scale + Dragon Scale
Fur poncho = Magic beast hide + Magic beast hide
Gigant armour = Bandit mail + Mighty armlet + Mighty armlet
Iron cuirass = Iron shield + Iron shield
Leather armour = Wayfarer's clothes + Magic beast hide
Leather dress = Dancer's costume + Magic beast hide
Leather kilt = Leather whip + Bandana
Magical skirt = Bandit's grass skirt + Magical hat + Magical mace
Magic armour = Full plate armour + Prayer ring + Ruby of protection
Metal king armour = Liquid metal armour + Slime crown + Orichalcum
Mirror armour = Sivler mail + Mirror shield + Mirror shield
Platinum mail = Zombie mail + Saint's ashes
Princess's robe = Angel's robe + Gold rosary + Shimmering Dress
Robe of serenity = Cloak of evasion + Boxer shorts
Sage's robe = Magic vestment + Scholar's cap
Scale armour = Chain mail + Bronze shield
Shimmering dress = Sprangled dress + Ruby of protection + Gold bracer
Silver cuirass = Iron cuirass + Silver platter + Silver platter
Spiked armour = Magic armour + Edged boomerang
Templar's uniform = Way farer's clothes + Templar's shield
Wayfarer's clothes = Plain clothes + Plain clothes
Zombie mail = Platinum mail + Devil's tail
Zombie mail = Silver mail + zombiesbane

Axes formula

Bandit axe = Battle-axe + Thief's key
Golden axe = Iron axe + Gold nugget
Iron axe = Farmer's scythe + Farmer's scythe
King axe = Golden axe + Slime crown
Moon axe = Golden axe + Moon's mercy
Stone axe = Stone hardhat + Cypress stick

Boomerang Formula

Flametang boomerang = Swallowtail + Flame shield
Metal wing boomerang = Razor wing boomerang + Metal king spear
Razor wing boomerang = Edged boomerang + Wing of bat + Steel scythe
Reinforced boomerang = Boomerang + Iron nail

Bow Formulas

Cheiron's bow = Eros' bow + Power shield
Eros' bow = Hunter's bow + Garter
Hunter's bow = Cypress stick + Cypress stick + Strength ring
Hunter's bow = Short bow + Chain whip
Odin's bow = Cheiron's bow + Eros' bow + Great bow

Cheese Formulas

Angel Cheese = Fresh milk + Premium mould + Yggdrasil dew
C-c-cold cheese = Cold cheese + Premium mould + Dragon dung
Chilly cheese = Cool cheese + Waterweed mould
Chunky cheese = Plain cheese + Magic water
Cold cheese = Chilly cheese + Waterweed mould + Waterweed mould
Cool cheese = Plain cheese + Waterweed mould
Cured cheese = Fresh milk + Premium mould + Amor seco essence
Hard cheese = Plain cheese + Rock salt
Highly-strung cheese = Super spicy cheese + cold cheese + Rock salt
Mild cheese = Plain cheese + Amor seco essense
Plain cheese = Fresh milk + Rennet powder
Plain cheese = Scorching cheese + C-c-cold cheese
Scorching cheese = Super spicy cheese + Premium mould + Dragon dung
Soft Cheese = Fresh milk + Rennet powder + Rock salt
Spicy cheese = Plain cheese + Red mould
Super spicy cheese = Spicy cheese + Nook grass
Super spicy cheese = Spicy cheese + Red mould + Red mould

Dagger Formulas

Assassin's dagger = Eagle dagger + Poison needle
Falcon Knife = Slime earrings + Tough guy tattoo + Agility ring
Imp knife = Assassin's dagger + Devil's tail

Hammer Formulas

Megaton hammer = Uber war hammer + Conquerer's axe + Orichalcum
Sledgehammer = Giant mallet + Iron helmet + Iron helmet
Uber war hammer = War hammre + Mighty armlet

Helmet formulas

Bronze helmet = Stone hardhat + Bronze knife + Bronze knife
Bunny ears = Hairband + Bunny tail
Feathered cap = Leather hat + Chimaera wing
Fur hood = Feathered cap + Fur poncho
Golden tiara = Thinking cap + Silver tiara + Gold nugger
Hades' helm = Mythril helm + Saint's ashes
Happy hat = Feathered cap + Elevating shoes
Hermes' hat = Feathered cap + Mercury's bandana
Mercury's bandana = Bandana + Agility ring
Mythril helm = Hades' helm + Saint's ashes
Phantom Mask = Iron headgear + Dark robe
Pointy Hat = Leather hat + Iron mail
Raging bull helm = Mythril helm + Cowpat + Fresh milk
Scholar's cap = Magical hat + Scholar's specs
Silver tiara = Coral hairpin + Silver platter
Skull helm = Sun crown + Devil's tail
Stone hardhat = Stone axe + Pointy hat
Sun Crown = Skull helm + Saint's ashes
Thinking cap = Scholar's cap + Iron headgear
Turban = Bandana + Bandana

Ingredient Formulas

Premium mould = Red mould + Waterweed mould + Yggdrasil leaf
Thief's key = Bronze knife + Iron nail

Scythes Formulas

Hell scythe = Steel scythe + Poison moth knife + Hade's helm

Shield Formulas

Bronze shield = Leather shield + Bronze knife
Dragon shield = Steel shield + Dragon scale + Dragon scale
Flame shield = Magic shield + Flametang boomerange
Goddess shield = Thanatos' shield + saint's ashes
Ice shield = Magic shield + Icicle dirk
Leather shield = Pot lid + Magic beast hide
Magic shield = Steel shield + Prayer's ring + Ruby of protection
Metal king shield = Ruinous shield + Saint's ashes + Orichalcum
Power shield = Magic shield + Strenght ring + Cured cheese
Ruinous shield = Metal king shield + Devil's tail
Saintless shield = Mirror shield + White shield + Holy water
Scale shield = Leather shield + Dragon scale
Silver shield = Mirror shield + Amor seco essence + Magic water
Templar's shield = Iron shield + Templar's uniform
Thanatos' shield = Goddess shield + Devil's tail
White shield = Iron shield + Silver platter
White shield = Light shield + Fresh milk + Fresh milk

Spear Formulas

Demon spear = Battle fork + Poison needle + Devil's tail
Holy lance = Long spear + Gold rosary
Iron lance = Cypress stick + Dagger
Long spear = Cypress stick + Cypress stick + Iron lance
Sandstorm spear = Partisan + Saint's ashes

Staff Formulas

Magma staff = Wizard's staff + rockbomb shard
Staff of antimagic = Wizard's staff + Rune staff
Staff of resurrection = Rune staff + Life bracer + Yggdrasil leaf

Sword Formulas

Blizzard blade = Bastard sword + Icicle dirk + Cold cheese
Copper Sword = Bronze knife + Bronze knife
Double-edged sword = Uber double-edge + Devil's tail
Dragon slayer = Dragonsbane + Mighty armlet
Fallen angel rapier = Holy silver rapier + Devil's tail + Wing of bat
Holy silver rapier = Templar's sword + Holy talisman
Liquid metal sword = Rusty old sword + Slime crown + Orichalcum
Mercury's rapier = Fallen angel rapier + Mercury's bandana + Mercury's bandana
Rusty old sword = Liquid metal sword + Mystifying mixture + Cowpat
Shamshir of light = Rune staff + Light shield + Shimmering shoes
Uber double-edge = Double-edged sword + Saint's ashes + Saint's ashes
Uber falcon blade = Falcon blade + Meteorite bracer
Uber miracle sword = Miracle sword + Life bracer
Zombie slayer = Zombiesbane + Holy talisman

Expendable Item formulas

Amor Seco Essense = Holy Water + Strong Medicine
Chimaera wing = Wing of bat + Wing of bat
Elfin elixir = Yggdrasil dew + Magic water
Greater panacea = Lesser panacea + Rose-root + Rose wort
Greater panacea = Special medicine + Special medicine + special medicine
Holy water = Amor seco essense + Rock salt
Lesser panacea = special medicine + special medicine
Magic water = Holy water + Seed of magic
Moon's mercy = Moonwort bulb + Moonwort bulb + Moonwort bulb
Mystifying mixture = Holy water + Wing of bat + Cowpat
Mystifying mixture = Medicinal herb + Antidotal herb + Moonwart bulb
Strong Medicine = Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb
Special Medicine = Strong Medicine + Strong Medicine
Rose Root = Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb
Rose Root = Strong Medicine + Medicinal Herb
Rose-wort = Medicinal herb + Medicinal herb + Moonwart bulb
Rose-wort = Strong medicine + Moonwart bulb
Sage's stone = Gold nugget + Orichalcum + Yggdrasil dew
Special Antidote = Medicinal Herb + Antidotal Herb + Antidotal Herb
Special Antidote = Strong Antidote + Strong Antidote
Strong Antidote = Medicinal Herb + Antidotal herb
Timbrel of tension = Sun crown + Tough guy tattoo + Magic beast hide
Yggdrasil dew = Yggdrasil leaf + Magic water

Whip Formulas

Demon whip = Scourge whip + Devil's tail
Dragontail whip = Snakeskin whip + Dragon scale + Dragon scale
Leather whip = Devil's tail + Saint's ashes
Scourge whip = Demon whip + Saint's ashes
Snakeskin whip = Leather whip + Scale shield

Mini Medal purchases​

Give the indicated number of Mini Medals to Princess Minnie to get the corresponding item:

28 Mini Medals: Fishnet Stockings
36 Mini Medals: Posh Waistcoat
45 Mini Medals: Staff of Divine Wrath
52 Mini Medals: Gold Nugget
60 Mini Medals: Meteroite Bracer
68 Mini Medals: Miracle Sword
75 Mini Medals: Sacred Armour
83 Mini Medals: Orichalcum
90 Mini Medals: Metal King Helmet
99 Mini Medals: Dangerous Bustier
110 Mini Medals: Flail of Destruction

Monster Arena awards​

Get the indicated rank at the Monster Arena to get the corresponding award:

Bardiche Of Binding: Rank B
Bunny Suit: Rank F
Dragon Robe: Rank S
Hero Spear: Rank A
Hero Statue: Rank S
Mighty Armlet: Rank D
Ring Of Clarity: Rank E
Saint's Ashes: Rank C
Strength Ring: Rank G
Call team ability for hero: Rank E
Fight against your team option: Rank F
No entry fees: Rank S
Second monster team: Rank B
Three more reserve monster slots: Rank D
Three more reserve monster slots: Rank G

More Yggsdrasil Leaves​

During the bazarr in Argonia there is a shop that will sell Yggdrasil leaves, but they will only allow you to have one and won't sell another unless you have zero leaves. The game cannot detect items in your alchemy pot. So you can trick the game and stock more than one leaf. Buy a leaf and TEMPORARILY combine it in your alchemy pot with some magic water or some red and blue mold. Then you simply buy another leaf and abort the alchemy pot process and reclaim your first leaf.

Quick gold, experience points​

It ain't really a cheat it's more a training hint:

If you finished the quest of the king of Ascantha (make him happier) go back to the mountain where you need to enter the moon realm.Don't go to the top but just below the top and let Yangus whistle. Several monster (minimum 3) shall come attack you, defeat them and you shall receive at least 30 gold and 100 experience after the battle.This is much at that time for most of the players.Do this as much as needed.This will to be useful on you're quest later you'll defeat enemies much easier.

Do the same thing at the swordsman labyrinth where it's 100 gold and 200 experience.

For the pro's (lvl. 30+) they can go to Savella Cathedral and do the same thing. Morrie's place has the same effect.

At all of this locations there are to Metal slimes so try this it really works.

Rare equipment​

Save rare equipment early in the game. Do not get rid of items you do not know where to buy or make from alchemy, because you might not get them for a long time; and that will prevent you from making some of the better equipment early in the game.

Save Money​

How to save money:

Once the hero knows how to use zoom you can use it in place of a chinnamaera wing

Once Angelo knows how to cast zing you don't need to go and pay the priest for a resurrection.


Keep seeds for a save point. If you only gain 1 for a stat, so you can reset. The seeds will be more wisely used. Also, use the seeds on characters that need the stat. For example, do not use a Strength seed on Yangus, or a Magic or Wisdom seed on Jessica. You can, but be warned; some characters will be overall weaker if their weaknesses are not compensated.

Thief's Key​

In Farebury, go on top of the church (where the bell is located) and get the Thief's Key recipe. On the ship (just after you defeated the sea monster), search around to find the Bronze Knife. Talk to Trode to get the Alchemy Pot. Once you get to Peregrin Quay, go to the Inn and talk to the man with the black hood. He will talk to you about his days as a thief, then give an Iron Nail. Once you have acquired all the items, put those two items (Bronze Knife and Iron Nail) into the Alchemy Pot. Wait a while until it makes the Thief's Key.
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