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New Quest : Requiem For a Dragon


The Battle of Forinthry may have concluded, but some mysteries remain. It’s time to follow the trail of the undead dragon Vorkath – back to the bitter cold of Ungael. Uncover the chilling secrets of what happened on the isle, and catch a glimpse into what could be coming next...
Grab your warmest coat and be ready for April 22nd as Requiem for a Dragon looms into view!
  • Brave the biting frost of Ungael once more to track down the escaped Vorkath.
  • Wrap up the Fort Forinthry storyline and enter a new chapter in RuneScape lore.
  • Dive deep into the stories of the isle and mysteries surrounding Vorkath.
  • Unlock a new ritual site to train your craft.
Check out our Developer Diary to find out more!


So, you put a stop to Zemouregal's undead march on the lands of Misthalin, and imprisoned the arrogant Mahjarrat. Time to kick up your feet and relax, you might think. But there is the small matter of the undead dragon you set loose on Gielinor…
Time to set sail for Ungael once more to track down Vorkath – though some not-so-friendly faces may be anticipating your arrival...


Zemouregal has been raising the undead and bending them to his will ever since he first set foot in Gielinor, from hordes of ravenous zombies to armoured phantoms and even mighty heroes like Arrav. But right at what felt like the height of his Necromantic powers, he struggled to keep the ‘failure’ of Vorkath under his control.

Were his powers diminished? Was his last run-in with Moia more of a hinderance then he first thought – or is there more to Vorkath? What dark rituals must have been conducted to create a beast of this size and nature? If you have any hope in putting an end to this you will need to understand Vorkath – his body and soul.
Return to Ungael to uncover more about the dark secrets of Vorkath's creation. It's time to deepen your understanding of ancient Necromancy, but don't let your guard down - you're not the only one interested in power…


This quest follows the story after Battle of Forinthry and requires the quests Tomes of the Warlock and Kili Row. As such you will need the following skills to fully access the quest:
  1. 86 Archaeology
  2. 66 Magic
  3. 75 Necromancy
  4. 54 Construction (required to build all the elements of the fort at Tier 1)
  5. 10 Slayer (required for Unwelcome Guests)
This quest marks the end of the Fort Forinthry series, but will also introduce some elements and characters that will feature in a future storyline.


During your investigations into Ungael, you’ll be setting up a ritual site to help with your goals. This site will become available for use after the quest. This site will function as a more chill ritual area – your ritual components will last longer and disturbances during these rituals will linger for more time. The site will also give access to ritual storage, for a more relaxed way to skill. Due to a lack of connection with the Well of Souls, however, you will not generate Vessel Souls and you will earn less experience overall.

You will also find yourself in possession of a ring belonging to the Dragonkin in charge of the research on Ungael. This will boost your Necromancy combat skills!

The ring can be improved further by empowering it with the energy, which you can tap into during rituals on Ungael.

Full List of Quest rewards
  • 100,000 Necromancy XP Lamp
  • 100,000 Archaeology XP Lamp
  • Zorgoth's Ring
  • 'Soulfarer' title
  • Access to the Ungael Necromancy ritual site
  • Ungael Teleport Incantation
  • Ability to teleport to the Ungael ritual site using Tome of Um 2
  • 2 Treasure Hunter Keys

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