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  • B1 Library computer code
3695-Access code for computer in the library Room on floor B1
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  • Bonus Outfits
If you beat the game in under 8 hours then you will get new costumes to wear as you play again.
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  • Chief's Vault Combo
Type in 705037 at the vault. It will open and reveal the card to Dr. Kirk's secret lab in the control room
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  • Fourth Outfit
When you finish the game for first time, Regina will get two new costumes (Battle type, and Army type). If you play through the game twice, you will get a 4th outfit for Regina to wear. It will change her into a cave girl. Almost as though SHE came from the portal. An extra bonus for getting this is that if CHECK her guns at your EQUIP menu, they will have turned to an ancient type weapons. They will still function like normal, though.
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  • Gas Experiment Room keycode
7248-Access code to unlock Gas Experiment room
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  • Infinite Grenade Gun Ammo
When you have seen all three endings to Dino Crisis ( you must play three separate games from start to finish). Regina not only starts with Grenade Gun in her arsenal, but she also has unlimited ammunition. Jackpot!!
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  • John Doyle's ID number
57036-ID for John Doyle
Re: Dino Crisis

  • Lounge safe combo
The combo for the lounge on the 2nd floor is 8159
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  • Management office safe combo
0426-Combo for the safe in the Management Office
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  • Operation Wipeout Mode
To unlock Operation Wipeout, beat the game in under 5 hours or save less then three times or don't use any continues
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  • Parts Storage computer code
364204-Access code for the computer in the Parts Storage Area
Re: Dino Crisis

  • Paul Baker's ID number
59104-ID for Paul Baker
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